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Information about Peace Pact Monument

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Peace Pact Monument

The Commemorative Monument for Peace and Unity or the Centennial Monument for Peace and Unity is an important landmark of the City of Davao since the Monument celebrated in the last 100 years the pleasant and harmonious coexistence of the indigenous and migrant populations of Davao City. It was unveiled during the 100th anniversary of the Philippine Independence on 12 June 1998. In a noble gesture to raise their hands together as a sign of peace and unity, the Monument expertly describes the men and women of the various indigenous peoples in the original costumes and migrants of the City Davao, while the three doves are liberated by the hands of a person dressed in the traditional Baro at Saya-representing our Mother Philippines. It's an art work of Kublai Milan, a well-known artist and prolific Davao city sculptor.


Historical Marker


You can read this on the historical marker:  “This Centennial Monument of Peace and Unity is dedicated to the people of Davao. The different natives of Lumads of Davao. The Muslims who came and settled along Davao's coast and the Christians led by Don Jose. Oyanguren who came in 1848 to establish the first Christian settlement here. They, People of diverse cultures and from different places who came and lived together as one, made Davao what it is today. We, their descendants, beneficiaries and present Davaoeños, honor them for their legacy of unity and peace.. their most valuable legacy to us.” Unveiled June 12, 1998 in celebration of the Centennial Year of the Philippine Independence (1898 - 1998).


Getting There

This important landmark is located in front of Sangguniang Panlungsod ng Dabaw, facing the cathedral of San Pedro on downtown San Pedro Street. It is easily accessible by public transport or by private transport, easily accessible everywhere in the city.