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Information about Rolren's Lantern and General Merchandise

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Rolren's Lantern And General Merchandise

Parols or Filipino Christmas lanterns

Rolren's Lantern And General Merchandise (also known as Rolando Quiambao's Lantern Factory) is best known as a top maker of handmade parols (Filipino Christmas lanterns) in San Fernando, Pampanga. The factory is situated inside the Unisite Subdivision in Del Pilar City. Quiambao began his small parol business in 1986 and was later commissioned by the city government to decorate the street lamp posts with his handmade parols. Since then he has been praised for his unique designs and has gained widespread recognition throughout Pampanga, which is home to the annual Giant Lantern Festival that is held every December in line with the Christmas season. 

Today, Quiamabao's lantern business crafts around 3,000 parols every year, making it the biggest supplier of parols in the country. Aside from the Philippines, you can find his lanterns in countries like Korea, Taiwan, the United States, and several European nations that import his renowned parols. 

Best time to visit

While Rolren's Lantern and General Merchandise is open to the public all year round, it is recommended to visit between September to December. These months are when Filipinos often begin preparing for the Christmas season so Quiambao and his team will have more designs to display and craft during these months. 

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