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Information about Sohoton Natural Bridge National Park

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Nature Park, Caves
9548+8W6, Basey, Samar, Philippines
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Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge Park

Sohoton Cave and Natural Bridge Park is a protected area spanning 840 hectares within the larger Samar Island Natural Park, covering 450,000 hectares. The park boasts a diverse landscape of forests, wildlife, caves, and a remarkable natural limestone bridge crossing the Kadak-an River.

Inside the park, the Panhulugan Cave features caverns adorned with limestone kart formations. The cave was a habitat during the Stone Age, a burial site for indigenous people, and a hideout during the Spanish-American war. At the heart of the park lies the Panhulugan Cliffs, a tall limestone wall where Guerilla soldiers once dropped boulders to protect against suspicious individuals near the river. Another main feature in the park is the Sohoton Cave (not to be confused with Siargao's Sohoton Cove). This cave opens up to a natural pool where visitors can enjoy a refreshing swim under a natural sky light. 

Best time to visit

It's important to plan the visit during the summer months (March-May), as the park is closed during the rainy season (December-February) due to potential flash floods.


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