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Information about Sonnen Berg Mountain View

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Sonnen Berg Mountain View in Davao

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Sonnen Berg Mountain View

Nestled in the heart of Marilog, within the Marilog District of Davao City, Philippines, Sonnen Berg Mountain View is a refreshment place that stands as proof of nature’s beauty. This destination offers a mesmerizing experience, where visitors will stand atop a verdant mountain at 2,670 feet above the river valley, surrounded by rolling hills. The panorama from Sonnen Berg features a breathtaking view of a sea of clouds embracing the mountain ridges. 

Sonnen Berg Mountain View is not just an attraction where guests can visit, take photos, and admire the picturesque view, people can also book an overnight stay in their accommodation to fully experience the sea of clouds and the beautiful sunrise. The accommodations are simple and comfortable rooms, with breakfast and a remarkable view.

Aside from that, the tourist attraction also offers a range of delicacies for you to enjoy. They offer drinks like pure tablea or chocolate drinks, native coffee, juice, iced tea, or bottled water. There's also a kakanin, or Filipino delicacy made out of rice, that you can try, but this depends on the availability.

As the day comes to an end, the sun creates a mesmerizing scene, painting the whole sky. The nearby lake reflects this beautiful display, and the distant mountains stand tall, inviting exploration. You’ll also find durian trees planted around the mountain view, which is very popular in the city. Sonnen Berg Mountain View in Marilog isn't just a place, it's an immersive experience, reconnecting visitors with the wonders of nature.

How to get there

Sonnen Berg Mountain View is located at "Crossing S" on the main Bukidnon-Davao (BuDa) Road in the Marilog District of Davao City. The roads are easily accessible with any type of vehicle. There are various options to get to the mountain view. 

From Davao City proper, you can ride a car, car rental, or taxi to Sonnen Berg Mountain View. Go to Diversion Road toward Ma-a. Then, turn right when you find a junction leading to Calinan. When you reach the Calinan Public Market, turn left and continue driving until you reach Marilog. Look for the Sonnen Berg Mountain View signage.

You can also take a jeepney from Davao City proper going to Calinan. Upon reaching Calinan Public Market, find a jeepney bound for Marilog and inform the driver to drop you off at Sonnenberg View Resort. Another option is to ride a bus at Ecoland terminal going to Cagayan then inform the conductor to drop you off at Crossing S, Marilog District.

If you are traveling from Manila, you can start your journey from Davao International Airport. You may rent a car or book a taxi from the airport to reach Sonnen Berg Mountain View, following the same route mentioned above.

For a hassle-free journey, you may book Davao tours with a Sonnen Berg Mountain View trip included in the itinerary. 

Tickets and entry

To enter the Sonnen Berg Mountain View, you only need to buy anything from their menu at a minimum order or a certain price. This is not an entrance fee, but this will be considered your pass to enter the attraction. The price will be for your chosen snack and for the view deck. You may also ask for discounts for senior citizens, children, and PWDs. Day tour guests don’t need reservations unless planning to stay overnight.

For overnight stays, you need to send a message and inquire about their accommodations on their Facebook page. Overnight stays give you a chance to wake up with a view of the sea of clouds. 

The attraction is open daily from 5 AM to 5 PM unless they post otherwise on their page.

Best time to visit

The best time to go to Sonnen Berg Mountain View in Davao is during the dry months of January to April. These months have the least chance of rainfall, so you can fully appreciate the scenery and sea of clouds in Sonnen Berg Mountain View. Also, there is a lower number of tourists during these months.

If you want to go to Sonnen Berg Mountain View to witness the sea of clouds, it is highly advisable to visit the attraction between 5 AM and 7 AM.

If you want to be at Davao's festivals, like the Kadayawan Festival, you can visit the city in August. However, expect that there will be many visitors during this period.


Frequently asked questions

Is there a corkage fee in Sonnen Berg Mountain View?

Yes. You have to pay a corkage fee for any food you bring to Sonnen Berg Mountain View. Ask their page about the corkage fee to find out. In addition, bringing disposable plasticware and utensils is not allowed.

Is there a restaurant inside Sonnen Berg Mountain View?

Sonnen Berg Mountain View is a refreshment place. They don't have a restaurant at this moment, but you can order food, and they do serve food like breakfast meals and short orders.

Are the sea of clouds in Sonnen Berg Mountain View visible the whole day?

No, the sea of clouds depends on the weather. Usually, there's a sea of clouds as early as 1 AM. Sonne Berg Mountain View advises guests to visit between 5 AM and 7 AM. But, manage your expectations as there may be a chance that there is no sea of clouds or there are only a few that are visible.

Is there a pool in Sonnen Berg Mountain View?

As of today, the Sonnen Berg Mountain View pool is not operating.

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