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Information about St. John the Baptist Cathedral

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Cathedral Parish of St. John the Baptist - Kalibo, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
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St. John the Baptist Cathedral  

Located in downtown Kalibo near the Aklan River, St. John the Baptist Cathedral is the seat of the Diocese of Kalibo and is also known as Kalibo Cathedral. The original structure was finished in 1826, making it the oldest cathedral and building of worship in Aklan. 

The cathedral that stands today has already been restored and reconstructed, as it suffered damage from fire, war, and earthquakes throughout the years. While the cathedral’s patron saint is Saint John, its most famous image is that of the Santo Niño. In fact, every January, the province of Aklan celebrates the Ati-atihan Festival, a colorful and lively event to honor the Santo Niño.

Best time to visit

Mass is held at the cathedral every day, but if you want to see it with fewer people, you should visit during the weekdays or Saturdays, after the morning mass at 7:30 AM and before the evening mass at 5 PM or 5:15 PM. As with most churches in the Philippines, you can expect more people here on Sundays.

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