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Information about Tigayon Hills

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Tigayon Hill, Kalibo, Aklan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
1.2 km
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Tigayon Hills

Tigayon Hills is located in the municipality of Kalibo in the province of Aklan. The highest point of the municipality is actually the summit of the hills. The hills used to be the secret sanctuary of Aklan’s freedom fighters, and some locals also believe that the hills used to be enchanted.

Today, tourists can visit the hills and explore the lush vegetation and see the overlooking views of the Aklan River and the surrounding areas. You can also find a small chapel on top of the hill. The hills are also home to a handful of caves that have beautiful limestone formations.

Tickets and entry

Kalibo residents are required to pay a PhP 30 entrance fee, while visiting tourists need to pay PhP 100.

Best time to visit

It is best to visit Tigayon Hills during the dry months, which usually fall from November to May. Just remember to bring drinking water and slather on sunblock, as it can be hot, especially from March to May.


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