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Information about Tigbauan Church

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Tigbauan Church, Allera Street, Tigbauan, Iloilo, Philippines
Distance From City Center
127 m
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Tigbauan Church

Tigbauan Church in Iloilo

Because of its churriquesque Latin American architecture, the Tigbauan Church is unique in the region. The church was built in 1575 and was demolished during the 1948 earthquake.

The facade of Tigbauan is in Mexican plateresque style. A seal of the Augustinian order is at the middle surrounded by a retablo-like floral frieze, which fills the central area. Above the seal is a niche flanked by pilasters decorated with flowers and on it is a rendering of San Juan. Capping off the relief is Santo Niño 's picture

During World War II, the interior of the church was gutted. Today, it has one of the most stunning interiors of the modern kind consisting of vibrant stone murals. In the last two decades a local artist has created mosaics adorning the interior of the church, including the altar and the Stations of the Cross.


How to go

You can take a Tigbauan jeepney from the town at the "Mega" Terminal in Iloilo. It'll only take you an hour or less and cost you as little. Ask the driver to drop you off in front of the Tigbauan Church just off the highway.