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Information about Tinago Falls Iligan

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Tinago Falls, Iligan City, Lanao del Norte, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.0 km
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Tinago Falls

Tinago falls in Iligan

Coined from the Tagalog word which means “hidden”, Tinago Falls is a famous yet “secret” attraction in Iligan City, Lanao Del Norte. It is famous as a lot of tourists visit the attraction for its natural beauty; at the same a secret attraction as it is literally hidden behind a deep ravine. Before one could reach and see the beautiful falls, one will have to take 500 steps down a winding manmade staircase.


What to Do

The ten-minute trek to Tinago Falls is worth it because of the relaxing view and its refreshing turquoise waters. The 240 feet high waterfall is a good venue for swimming and cliff diving. It also becomes a stunning backdrop for tourists who decide to eat on the tables near the edges of the river. For a complete waterfall experience, bamboo rafts are made available for rent where a local guide will bring you near the foot of the falls to experience it closely (through waterfall massage or just regular swimming). There is also a small cave located at the side of the falls which may only be accessed through swimming. It is just a plain, rock cave that serves as a resting point for swimmers and offers a different view of the surrounds of Tinago Falls.


Double Purpose

There is no doubt that Tinago Falls contributes really well to the tourism of Iligan City but this breathtaking body of water also serves as a water resource for locals near the area. With this, both the residents and the local government are doing their best in protecting and preserving it. Agro-forestry projects have been implemented to help maintain the cleanliness of the water of Tinago Falls. New planting techniques are used to put up more trees to help stabilize the whole river and fertilizers are placed every so often to maintain these trees.