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Information about Tinagong Dagat

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Tinagong Dagat, Aklan, Philippines

Tinagong Dagat is a body of water located in the municipalities of Altavas and Batan in the province of Aklan. Although some refer to it as Tinago Lake, it actually flows to the Sibuyan Sea via Batan Bay and is not a lake. It is separated from the bay by two islands, Pandan Island and Tabon Island, hence its name, which means “hidden sea.” Its coast is lined with rocky beaches and thick forests of mangroves.

Here, tourists can enjoy swimming and other water activities like water skiing and jet skiing, but it is also a great fishing ground for local fishermen, especially since the bay has calmer waters compared to the Sibuyan Sea.

Best time to visit

The best time to visit Tinagong Dagat is during the dry months. For Aklan, this usually falls from December to May.


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