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Information about Vayang Rolling Hills

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Vayang Rolling Hills, Basco, Batanes, Philippines
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Vayang Rolling Hills

The hills overlook the green grass and the deep blue sea. The environment is green, with hills, trees and grass. The environment makes your eyes very relaxed; while looking at the clouds, you can dream and think peacefully. The clouds have varying shapes and sizes; thanks to the cool sea breeze, the air feels soothing. Some cows that eat and dogs that run can be seen as well. The weather and the surroundings are good.
In the forest, you would definitely be able to visit tourist destinations like the Marine Sanctuary, the Tukon Chapel and the Radar Tukon which used to be PAGASA's Basque office. That's where the weather in Batanes was monitored. The Japanese Tunnel of Fundaci Pacita was a hiding spot for the Japanese troops in World War II, Valugan Bay was a white beach with various rocks, while the Church of San Domingo de Basco is amongst the first calcareous edifices built under the Spanish rule.
The point where both eastern and West sides of Batan Island can be seen is Vayang Rolling Hills. It is one of the most significant tourist destinations included in the Batanes "North Tour Kit." The islands of Naidi Hills, another picturesque location on the island, lies a few kilometers away from Basco Lighthouse.
One can only imagine how dark the skies are going to be at night, and the moon and stars are sparkling. Can you see the Vayang Hills on the Milky Way? Perhaps one could, I don't know. The local people are aware of when the wind is rising. We know the breeze that is blowing in their islands at the moment. They are the concepts we usually hear only from Kuya Kim, but the Ivatans are in life and especially among the fishermen they know these weather patterns by heart.