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Information about Winaca Eco-Cultural Village

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Farms, Eco Parks
Winaca Eco-Cultural Village, Acop-Pasnaan-Winaca Village Road, Tublay, Benguet, Philippines
Opening hours
08:00 - 16:30
Distance From City Center
2.9 km
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Winaca Eco-Cultural Village

Ifugao hut at Winaca Eco-Cultural VillagePhoto by Winaca Eco-Cultural Village and Forest Homes

Located in Tublay, Benguet province, this 42-hectare private property is the perfect venue for travelers looking for an authentic cultural experience in the Philippine highlands. The estate offers various activities, and the place is nestled in the midst of nature-filled pine trees and a pristine landscape that the Cordillera region is known for.

The village features traditional huts of various tribes that reside in this mountainous region. Among them are the Benguet-Bakun House and Sagada House, which highlight the indigenous materials used by the tribes' ancestors. Along with the native huts, you can also watch locals practice traditional weaving techniques used throughout the years to creaty sturdy and intricately-designed garments and textiles. 

Travelers can also spend the night here by renting a traditional hut or booking a more contemporary room. Aside from the area's focus on the local heritage, you can also find a wall climbing area here as well as a thriving strawberry farm. 


Best time to visit

It's best to visit during the dry months (December to late May) so you won't have to worry about rain during your visit. However, the village is open to guests and visitors all year round. 

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