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Information about Stobosa Artwork

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Tourist Attraction
Stobosa Artwork, Baguio - La Trinidad - Bontoc Road, Baguio, Benguet, Philippines
Distance From City Center
0.6 km
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Stobosa Artwork

Stobosa Awrtwork in Benguet

Promoting positive change doesn’t always require complicated solutions or expensive undertakings; sometimes all you need are cans of paint and lots of good intentions. 


Valley of Colors

Once considered an eyesore along the La Trinidad highway in Benguet, Stobosa Hillside Homes Artwork is now a tourist attraction that draws crowds of onlookers wanting to capture a unique IG-worthy image to show off to their friends and family.

This project was inspired by the Favela Paint Project in Brazil, where Sao Paolo and Rio de Janerio shanties were transformed from an unappealing sprawl of makeshift houses into fabulous murals, where beauty and chaos meet in one setting. All this was done with a the application of a fresh coat of paint, creating a stunning visual masterpiece, truly a work of art.

The Gamechoen Culture Village in Busan, South Korea is said to be another inspiration for this colorful project.


Community-Led Effort

The name StoBoSa is a portmanteau of the three sitios that took part of the project along Barangay Balili in La Trinidad: Stone Hill, Botiwtiw, and Sadjap. It was the initiated by the local tourism unit of the Cordillera Administrative Region as part of their Rev-Bloom (Rev-up, Revive, Revisit, Revitalize) Urban Redevelopment Tourism Program, with the creative vision of the residents of the local arts community of the Tam-awan Village artists. 

The project required 1,000 primer paints and about 1,800 gallons of colored paint to fully cover the hillside homes of Stobosa. Davies Paint donated the paints for free, while an estimated 520 local residents, artists, and individual volunteers all lent a helping hand. Six other groups pitched in: NSTP students of Baguio State University, Baguio-Benguet Photographers, Boy Scouts of the Philippines (Beguet chapter), NSTP student of King’s College of the Philippines, Women’s Brigade and Organization, Hikers and Artist’s Club, and police trainees from PNP-CAR.