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Who we are

Guide to the Philippines is ushering in the largest collaboration of stakeholders in the Philippine travel industry, bringing together local travel experts and top tour, transport, and accommodation operators on a single Philippine-centric marketplace. Our online platform provides an unprecedented selection of quality tours and packages, spanning the many picturesque Philippine provinces, and customized to suit the travel goals of all types of visitors.

As locals, we see the beauty of the Philippines in a unique way, which we share through a definitive collection of Philippine travel content. We help you find your way to the Philippines through in-depth articles and engaging stories and allow you to connect with local experts for tips to get the most memorable and meaningful Philippine experience.

We are on our way to make traveling in the Philippines more accessible, convenient, and worry-free than ever before. Whether you are planning, booking, or in an actual trip in the Philippines, we look forward to being your guide to this incredible land we call home.

What we do

Guide to the Philippines is a top marketplace dedicated to Philippine travel services


Choose your perfect itinerary from the largest marketplace dedicated to Philippine travel. Find quality tours and packages covering the widest range of local destinations and activity types.


Find the best way to navigate through over 7,000 islands of the Philippines.  Whether rental cars, ferries, or air transport, we show you the best options at the best prices.


Book unique and quality accommodation throughout the Philippines. You can find hostels, bed and breakfasts, hotels, and resorts of all price points to suit your needs.

Guide to the Philippines is the definitive online source of Philippine travel information


Read in-depth articles on the many destinations within the Philippines. Get practical travel information from a local’s perspective and get lost in our historical and cultural stories.


Connect with expert natives or long-term residents for insider travel tips. Through blogs, peek into their world and learn more about daily life throughout the regions of the Philippines.

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See why we’re convinced that you should come visit the Philippines. Marvel at the diversity of its natural beauty and get a glimpse of its distinctive culture and heritage.

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What we believe

We’ve experienced the beauty of the Philippines and believe in its ability to mesmerize and inspire travelers. We know what it means to be Filipino and believe in our humble ability to help you find joy in your travel experience through our unique hospitality and vibrancy. The Philippines truly has much to offer to travelers and we’re out on a mission to share this with the world.

We believe sustainable tourism is key to the economic growth of the Philippines. We look for tangible ways to transform the tourism industry and to ensure inclusive growth. We dream of a not-so-distant future when most travelers would have a destination in the Philippines as part of their bucket list, where this global interest fuels sustainable infrastructure investment in previously unknown destinations, and where local communities thrive as they participate with greater ownership of tourism enterprises.

We see the big picture. It challenges us and fuels us and we will be relentless in our effort to turn it into reality. With Guide to the Philippines, we take our first step.