12 Best Laguna Province Resorts: Hot Springs, Water Parks, Lake Resorts

12 Best Laguna Province Resorts: Hot Springs, Water Parks, Lake Resorts

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12 Best Laguna Province Resorts: Hot Springs, Water Parks, Lake Resorts

Photo by Sulyap Bed and Breakfast and Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Spring Resort

Laguna, located 30 KM south of the Philippine capital Manila, is a popular quick weekend destination for local travelers. Laguna tourist spots are known for showcasing the provinces' rich cultural identity, historical monuments, natural attractions and is the birthplace of the Philippine national hero, Jose Rizal. It's surrounded by one of Southeast Asia’s largest lakes called Laguna de Bay.

Laguna is also an artisan’s haven that also produces local delicacies you can bring home as souvenirs. In the town of Paete, you will find wood carvings and colorful paper mache horses created by hand. While you’re in town, sink your teeth into a piece of sweet ‘espasol', a cylindrical, bite-sized rice cake dusted with toasted rice flour.



A must-do when in Laguna is experiencing one of its top natural attractions, the hot springs. These are concentrated in Los Banos, specifically in the Pansol area, dotted with many resorts perfect for weekend trips.

The hot spring water comes from the geothermal heat coming from the hot rocks found along the foothills of Mount Makiling. Although there are many hot springs in the area, not all Laguna resorts have it.

The Laguna hot spring resorts that do have it usually have swimming pools filled with this mineral-rich water. Because of their proximity to Mount Makiling, this naturally heated spring water is abundant in these locations. 

Here are some of the best Laguna province resorts that you can choose from for your next getaway:

12. Splash Island Resort and Spa

A family enjoying the facilities of Splash IslandPhoto by Splash Island Resort and Spa

Splash Island and Resort Spa is the largest waterpark in the country and attracts many families, kids, and groups from nearby areas, especially during summer. Located at the Splash Island Eco Centrum in Binan, Laguna, it is about 35 KM away from Manila and is accessible via the South Luzon Expressway and Osmena Highway.

The resort offers many aquatic attractions such as water slides for small kids, giant slides, Wave pool, Lazy river, and a huge water splash park, all of which may be used upon entry. There are cottages that can be used for free in the resort as well as Cabanas for rent. Bringing food is not allowed, but the park offers various food options and snacks like pizza, nachos, and boodle packages for large groups.

11. Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort

Facade of Auravel Hotel in LagunaPhoto by Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort

Located 83 KM from Manila , this 3-star hotel is located along Maharlika Highway in San Pablo City, Laguna. Auravel Grande Hotel and Resort offers 16 rooms equipped with amenities like wifi access, towels, sofa, air-conditioning, and cable TV. Guests with cars are entitled to free parking and the use of hotel facilities such as the outdoor swimming pool and garden to unwind. 

This Laguna province resort is also a great place for holding special events such as weddings or other grand celebrations. It also offers catering services with its in-house restaurant, serving delectable dishes from Auravel Fusion Cuisine Restaurant and Cafe Avelino.

Its central location gives guests easy access to shopping malls such as SM Mall, San Pablo shopping plaza, and the wet market. Some nearby tourist attractions from the hotel include San Pablo Memorial Park, Mango Tree Park, Villa Escudero, and Banahaw Nature and Wildlife Compound, all of which are within a 1-5km radius from the hotel. You can also go on a San Pablo City Heritage and Museum tour

10. 88 Hotspring Resort

88 Hotspring Resort in LagunaPhoto by 88 Hotspring Resort

88 Hotspring Resort is one of the largest laguna hot spring resorts near Manila, with 11 outdoor pools and hot springs inside the spacious property. Its mineral-rich hot spring water flows continuously into jacuzzis and pools inside the estate. Included in the outdoor pools are 8 dipping pools or baths with varying degrees of heat which guests may dip into for ten minutes at a time.

About 57 km away Manila, it is accessible by land via the South Luzon Expressway and Pan-Philippine Highway. The resort offers various massage treatment styles such as Swedish, Shitatsu, and body scrub with licensed therapists at its in-house spa. It is equipped with a sauna room, toiletries, and small treatment rooms for privacy. The in-house restaurant serves delicious Asian food and offers Korean, Japanese, Filipino, and Chinese cuisines.

There are nightly performances by live bands playing mainstream and K-pop music for the guests at the hotel restaurant. Other facilities include a large function hall called the Arts Center, duck boats, locker rooms, water slides, and tents for camping. 

9. Porta Verde Resort Villas Caliraya

12 Best Laguna Province Resorts: Hot Springs, Water Parks, Lake ResortsPhoto by Porta Verde Resort Villas Caliraya

Porta Verde Resort Villas Caliraya is one of the best Laguna province resorts that offer rooms with beautiful lakeside views. It is nestled alongside the man-made Sierra Lake and is only 107 KM from Manila, which is why it is accessible by land transport via the South Luzon Expressway.

Featuring an outdoor pool and a sprawling property ideally situated beside Sierra or Lumot Lake, guests may enjoy fun lakeside activities such as wakeboarding, kayaking, water tubing, jet skiing, and riding a speedboat Those who prefer more relaxing activities may opt to go fishing or book a boat tour to explore the lake. 

With a 24-hour front desk, a children’s playground, and fully equipped cabanas and villas, it’s the perfect lakeside escape for both large groups or intimate gatherings. This resort is situated near the Cavinti Eco Extreme Adventure Park, Bumbungan Eco Park, and Pagsanjan Falls, all falling within a 6 km radius, while Lake Caliraya is just 7 km away and is part of the boat tour.

8. Aquascape Lake Caliraya

12 Best Laguna Province Resorts: Hot Springs, Water Parks, Lake ResortsPhoto by Travels with a Hobo

Aquascape Lake Caliraya is a Laguna province resort that offers its guests the chance to rent a floating house. It offers a tiny wooden cottage powered by a motor that allows you to cruise around the lake!

The floating house is not docked by the shore but is a fully-equipped cottage with amenities such as a TV, dining table, bath and toilet, living room, and kitchen. You can have the floating cottage driven to any spot on the lake and dive into whenever you feel like it, or enjoy the natural surroundings and scenic views.

Located in Cavinti, Laguna, about 105 KM away from Manila, the resort offers water activities such as jet-skiing, stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, and riding a speedboat, all available for rent. Other fun amenities include an outdoor jacuzzi, a doctor fish spa, and an electric mountain bike that can be used to explore the island across the resort. The resort also offers land-based rooms for those who prefer it to the floating cottages.

7. Costales Nature Farm

Mountain view from the Costales Nature FarmPhoto by Costales Nature Farm

At Costales Nature Farm, visitors have a chance to witness agricultural life first hand. Located on the foothills of Mount Banahaw in Majayjay, Laguna, the farm is roughly 104 KM away from Manila. It offers five types of rooms made of simple native materials for a comfortable night’s stay. Accommodations range from rooms that could fit 2-3 guests as well as villas that could take in up to 10 visitors. 

A pioneer in agri-tourism destination, the farm promotes health and wellness through integrated organic farming practices and is accredited by the Department of Agriculture to provide workshops and training seminars for anyone interested in learning about organic farming. This is one of the several resorts near Manila that offer a unique experience for both local and international travelers.

Aside from seminars, you may opt to immerse in the farm and stay for a few days with a guided tour that is inclusive of meals and accommodation, with activities that include picking vegetables, seed sowing, and urban gardening. Kids can also join a 5-day summer camp to give them early exposure to good farming practices and learn healthy eating habits during their stay.

6. Hidden Valley Springs Resort

Pools in Hidden Valley Springs Resort in Laguna

Located less than 80 KM from Manila, Hidden Valley Springs Resort is among some of the more popular Laguna hot spring resorts. It has also become one of the top Laguna tourist spots to visit. This tropical rainforest is wedged between two of the most famous mountains in Laguna, namely Mount Makiling, and Mount Banahaw. 

This private property offers day tours, accommodations, and serene natural surroundings for visitors. It is home to over 150 plant species, including a large collection of wild orchids, giant ferns, and 300-year old trees like the Amlang Tree.

Strap on your best footwear and go trekking in the forest and enjoy the peaceful sound of chirping birds and flowing streams of water from a nearby waterfall. 

Guests could go trekking in the forest to enjoy the soothings sounds of nature. The resort features six natural springs with varying temperatures, so you get to choose the level of warmth that suits you. With its natural jacuzzi pool and thermal pool, it’s the perfect escape for anyone looking for a nature trip near Manila. A day tour to Hidden Valley Springs Resort is also an option. 

5. Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

Aerial view of Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa Photo by Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa

Laresio Lakeside Resort and Spa is one of the affordable resorts near Manila and is perfect for anyone looking for either a thrilling adventure or laid-back activities in a natural setting. It is one of the most multi-functional Laguna hot spring resorts located near Lake Tadlac. Situated less than 60 km from Manila, this resort offers a quick and accessible getaway.

The resort sits at the foot of Mt. Makiling. It is the only resort in Laguna that offers lakeside views, hot spring pools, and extreme sports facilities such as a 20-meter giant slide, kayaks, balsa, stand-up paddleboards, cliff diving boards, and a vine swing. Guests also have access to lakeside activities such as rappelling, wall climbing, and zip-lining through the resort. 

The resort offers fully equipped private villas with adult and kiddie pools, facilities for videoke sessions, and spacious rooms to accommodate up to 26 people. Guests also have the option to spend the night camping, lighting a bonfire, and also enjoy delicious comfort food at the in-house restaurant, the Laresio Tavern. 

4. Sol Y Viento Mountain Hot Spring Resort

Pool area in Sol Y Viento Mountain Spring ResortPhoto by Sol Y Viento Mountain Spring Resort

Less than 60 KM from Manila is one of the most accessible Laguna hot spring resorts — the Sol Y Viento Mountain Spring Resort along Km 55, Makiling Heights in Pansol, Calamba. 

It is located along an area where many hot spring resorts can be found within the vicinity. What makes this resort stand out is that it provides guests with a picturesque view of Laguna de Bay. It offers excellent facilities, which include jacuzzis, swimming pools naturally heated by the hot springs from Mt. Makiling, barbeque area, bar, restaurant, and a sprawling area with facilities for team building activities.

The fresh air and scenic views of the mountain make it a great place to light a bonfire and create bonding moments with family, friends, or work colleagues. Fun amenities like the water slide, man-made waterfalls, and a zip line are perfect for thrill-seeking guests. 

Coupled with its excellent service and friendly staff, this conveniently located resort is perfect for a quick weekend getaway.

3. Casa San Pablo B & B

A bedroom in Casa San Pablo Bed and BreakfastPhoto by Casa San Pablo B & B

Casa San Pablo B&B is a quaint bed and breakfast in Laguna with a rustic charm. The resort, which is located about 82 km away from Manila, offers delicious comfort food, a cozy ambiance, and a small town, homey feel for guests. Rooms have a relaxing vibe that features contemporary artwork to make you feel right at home. Each one is equipped with modern amenities such as cable TV, air conditioners, wardrobe closet, bidet, and bathroom toiletries. There are also board games and puzzles for guests.

It also offers free parking for guests with cars. It is also a popular venue for weddings and special occasions. It has a community art space called ARTBarn, a venue for artists to exhibit their work, hold art programs, and conduct creativity workshops for residents. The owner also sells handmade terra cotta clay figurines that he made himself. 

2. Sulyap Bed and Breakfast - Casa de Obando Boutique Hotel

Fountain in front of Casa de Obando Oblique HotelPhoto by Sulyap Bed and Breakfast - Casa de Obando Boutique Hotel

Centrally located in San Pablo City, about 80 km from Manila, this lovely hotel promises to provide guests with a glimpse of the past through its old-world charm and grand classical Antillean architecture featured at the Casa de Obando Boutique Hotel.

Hardwood flooring, Cadiz windows, enchanting chandeliers, and solid wooden furniture can be found in the rooms and throughout the property. Hotel guests may enjoy the fresh air in the lush garden and take a dip in the swimming pool.

Along with old-world touches like four poster beds and crystal chandeliers, the rooms are equipped with modern amenities such as air conditioning, wifi, and cable TV.

Standing on a two-hectare property in the town’s Cocoland Compound, the main attraction is the Sulyap Gallery Cafe and restaurant. It serves traditional Filipino cuisine such as ‘kulawo’, a native dish of eggplant or banana blossoms, as well as the ‘pinayti’, another local delicacy of micro shrimps cooked in coconut milk.

There’s a museum inside the estate called the Sulyap Museum that houses a veritable treasure trove of antiques, wooden types of furniture, ceramics, and religious artifacts, giving you a glimpse of colonial-era living.

1. Hannah’s Garden Resort and Events Place

Facade of a villa in Hannah's Garden Resort and Events PlacePhoto by Hannah’s Garden Resort and Events Place

Visitors looking for a peaceful place to stay in Laguna will enjoy the easy access that Hannah’s Garden Resort and Events Place provides its guests. Less than 60 km from Manila, this resort is conveniently located at the end of a street of rolling countryside in Silangan Road, Calamba.

It features a gazebo that stands on a well-manicured garden, lush greenery with scenic views, excellent customer service, and comfortable accommodations.

It is composed of 11 rooms and 1 dormitory room for larger groups. Each room is equipped with modern amenities like cable TV, air-conditioning, wifi, and toiletries. This resort offers outstanding facilities such as an outdoor swimming pool, billiard table, basketball area, and a ping-pong table.

It is a popular venue to celebrate special occasions like weddings and also offers conference rooms for corporate events. Parking is free for guests, while its rooms and suites are well equipped with wifi, cable TV, toiletries, and a private bath.

Interesting landmarks that are within a 6 km radius from the resort include Carmelray Industrial Park, Makiling Conference Center, Alcasid Aviary and Farm, and Canlubang Town Gold Course while retail outlets such as Parker Store Calamba, Waltermart, and SM City are also nearby.

Find the Best Laguna Resort for Your Vacation 

Aerial view of Lake Caliraya in Laguna

Photo by Casa San Pablo B & B

Whether it's a quaint bed and breakfast art space, a hot spring resort offering scenic lake views, or a waterpark to help ward off the heat, you’ll find the perfect accommodation from any of the Laguna resorts featured in this list.

Taking a dip in a naturally heated hot spring pool like the ones found in Laguna is said to have numerous health benefits. The mineral-rich water is believed to promote healthy skin because of the presence of magnesium in geothermally heated spring water. It is also said to help encourage better sleep, combat insomnia, and encourage better blood circulation. Other studies show that hot spring water aids in improving digestion and jump-starting detoxification. 

For urban dwellers in the vicinity, Laguna resorts in the Philippines are the ideal place to enjoy a quick escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. Make the most of your vacation by checking Laguna tours that you can add to your itinerary. 



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