11 Best Hotels in Tagaytay Philippines: Taal View, Family-Friendly, Buffet Restaurants

11 Best Hotels in Tagaytay Philippines: Taal View, Family-Friendly, Buffet Restaurants

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Twin Lakes Hotel and Anya Resort

Photos by Twin Lakes Hotel and Anya Resort

If you are visiting the city of Tagaytay soon, it’s best to book Tagaytay hotels in advance. The city is a popular weekend getaway destination for those living in Metro Manila because of its close proximity, and hotels in Tagaytay can easily get fully booked, especially during peak season. This article lists some of the best Tagaytay hotels that you can book for your getaway in this city known for its stunning views of the Taal Volcano and Lake and colder climate.

Tagaytay is a must-visit destination in the Philippines for its refreshing atmosphere where you can feel the cool breeze despite being just a couple of hours away from the metro, making it a great destination for a road trip near Manila and a food trip in the Philippines. It is one of the top tourist spots in Luzon and one of the favorite family destinations in the Philippines.

The weather here can get so cold, especially at night or the -ber months that you wouldn’t think that you were still in the Philippines which is usually hot and humid. Tagaytay isn’t your typical modern town that is filled with towering buildings, instead, it's dotted with parks, museums, and quaint Tagaytay restaurants and Tagaytay cafes offering a more laidback getaway. 

Some of Tagaytay’s top tourist spots are the family-friendly Picnic Grove where kids can ride horses, the theme park Sky Ranch, and restaurants specializing in bulalo (bone marrow soup). 

While the sights are the most important features for travelers, living arrangements are also crucial when considering where to stay in Tagaytay. Here are some of the most popular Tagaytay hotels for booking that you should consider for your staycation in the Philippines:

11. Containers by Eco Hotel

Facade of Containers by Eco Hotel in TagaytayPhoto by Eco Hotel

If you prefer an environmentally friendly hotel with a luxurious design, Containers by Eco Hotel is the best one among all Tagaytay hotels. The hotel is known for its design and durability. The main material that was used for this structure is Corten steel which is known to be thick, stable, and durable.

The hotel’s structure is said to be able to endure storms. All the rooms have a cozy bed, aircon, flat-screen television, and a bathroom. Also, Containers Hotel has multiple activities for a staycation in Tagaytay. One of its valuable assets is the spacious roof deck where people are allowed to camp and where children can play in the playground. If you plan to camp out, then make sure to have a tent with you and set it up early so you won’t run out of space.

There is also a Filipino Restaurant named Camping and Grilling at the Roofdeck where local cuisines and drinks are served. The hotel also has a Tagaytay tourist site which is the Eco Scrap Shop where guests will be taught on building items out of recycled scraps. This workshop was built as an effort of the Eco Hotel to share its advocacy to the guests. 

10. Cabins by Eco Hotel

Cabins of Eco Hotel in TagaytayPhoto by Eco Hotel

Cabins by Eco Hotel Tagaytay is not only the most unique Tagaytay hotel but also in the entire country. The hotel is dedicated to providing quality services by also upholding environmental conservation. This is evident as the cabins were built with home-made bricks, sustainable wood, and pinewood. The rooms were also meant for natural airflow and lighting to enter the room.

As expected, the hotel’s energy source came from solar power by harnessing sunlight for electricity and rainwater for cleaning. The hotel’s comfortable rooms were also meant to emulate cruise ship cabins.

Moreover, you have the option to choose which backdrop you would like to see from the window. The rooms have varying views such as the city, garden, lakeside, and Taal Lake, which is a Tagaytay tourist spot. Similar to Containers Hotel, each room has a cozy bed, aircon, flat-screen television, and a bathroom.

Also, the property is one one the pet-friendly hotels in Tagaytay. Just note that the animals allowed cannot exceed 25 pounds. Another unique feature of the hotel is its ability to maximize Tagaytay’s environment. In case you are looking for a Tagaytay staycation, there are common areas with board games and a Mexican restaurant on the rooftop. 

9. Nurture Wellness Village

Two tourists relaxing in Nurture Wellness VillagePhoto by Nurture Wellness Village

The Nurture Wellness Village is the most relaxing spot out of all Tagaytay hotels and is known as a Tagaytay tourist spot. This hotel spa was recognized as one of the 28 Most Relaxing Spas in Asia by CNN Go and Top 7 Spas of the Philippines by Asia Spa Magazine. Thus, the Nurture Wellness Village serves as a tourist spot that offers the perfect Tagaytay staycation for exhausted visitors.

The hotel spa is best known for its ecotherapy services which are complemented by the venue’s Filipino and Ifugao design. During your stay, what you cannot afford to miss out on is the massage and pampering in the spa suites and rooms. To complement your relaxing stay, the rooms have varying views of nature such as the gardens and forests. Each room has an aircon, cable television, bathroom, and a good for two free breakfast.

If you prefer a closer to nature experience, then you can opt to stay in one of the hotel’s 5 camping tents. Also, you can taste delicious Filipino cuisines at the Gabriella Restaurant which offers Chicken Kare Kare and Calderetang Osso Bucco. As you can see, your stay in the Nurture Wellness Village is not just about finding a place to sleep but it is also a way to heal yourself. 



8. The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian Managed by HII

Beautiful facade of the hotel of Kasa LuntianPhoto by The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian

The Serviced Residences at Kasa Luntian is a Tagaytay Hotel that makes you feel at home. It has multiple buildings that are surrounded by a beautifully landscaped garden. The garden is so wide that you would think that you’re in a park instead of an apartment. This is one of the best places to stay in Tagaytay when you’re traveling with a group of friends since the hotel’s spacious environment has a jungle play area. It is also one of the hotels in Tagaytay with a pool.

Some of Tagaytay’s tourist sites that are perfect for a traveling group are also nearby such as the Sky Ranch and Tagaytay Picnic Grove. While the hotel does not have its own restaurant, it faces the Lanai which has restaurants and other commercial establishments. If ever you get tired of eating restaurant food, then you can prepare home-cooked meals in your own room.

The hotel is known for the apartment-style room units which means that it has everything such as a kitchen, living room, television, and even free WiFi. Each room also has its terrace which allows you to enjoy the refreshing atmosphere. The rooms, facilities, and environment truly make the experience a perfect Tagaytay staycation since you are distant from the noisy crowds. 

7. Oriental Luxury Suites

The Oriental Luxury Suites - Kanchanaburi RoomPhoto by Oriental Luxury Suites

If you’re looking for exclusivity and privacy during your staycation in Tagaytay, you should consider the Oriental Luxury Suites. Home to only seven elegant rooms, the property will give you the quiet getaway you need. Each room is named after a city in Thailand and comes with a personal butler service. While it has become a favorite for couples, friends and families will also find a comfortable stay here as there are rooms that can accommodate up to four adults.

If the Tagaytay weather is still not cool enough for you, you can take a dip at the hotel’s infinity pool, which has beautiful views of Tagaytay and Batangas.

The hotel is also a great venue for special occasions like weddings, as its luxurious Glass Pavilion can accommodate up to 200 guests. The high ceilings and the chandelier will make your event stand out and look amazing in photos.

6. Hotel Monticello

Bright lights in Hotel Monticello in Tagaytay at nightPhoto by Hotel Monticello

Hotel Monticello is a Tagaytay hotel that is in the middle of everything. The hotel serves as a strategic location for tourists since it is near Tagaytay’s tourist spots such as malls and reputable restaurants. The venue is also perfect for a Tagaytay staycation since it has a quiet vibe where you can simply chill and relax.

The luxurious and contemporary room designs are evident through the 42-inch-flat-screen television, free WiFi, aircon, coffee maker, mini-chiller, and electronic safety deposit box. You can simply lie in bed all day as it has plushy bedding.

There are ten varieties of rooms you can choose from which depends on the number of people you are with. What makes this hotel special is that it has everything a person can need which makes it a perfect Tagaytay staycation spot.

There are plenty of ways to entertain yourself such as working out in the gym, swimming in the pool, and relaxing in the spa. There is also plenty to eat with the presence of a café, and restaurant. If you’re in the mood to listen to some music, the hotel has a piano bar where you can experience live performances while taking a sip of wine.   

5. Hotel Kimberly

Beautiful villas in Hotel KimberlyPhoto by Hotel Kimberly

Hotel Kimberly is a Tagaytay hotel that has a little bit of everything. The hotel is near Tagaytay’s tourist spots which are museums and parks such as Museo Orlina, Picnic Grove, Sky Ranch, and Tagaytay Highlands.

The rooms have all you need for a comfortable stay such as aircon, cable television, bathroom, minibar, DVD player, and free WiFi. What sets this hotel different from other hotels is the unique and interactive Tagaytay staycation.

The hotel has a vegetable farm where you can harvest vegetables and even take them home with you. There is also an animal farm where you can feed tamed animals. Thus, the hotel is definitely the best place to feel like a farmer within one’s comfort zones.

If you’re up for some dynamic activities, you can go through the hotel’s obstacle course and break a sweat in the play areas. There is also a game room for people who prefer to play indoor games such as billiards.

However, if you prefer to just relax, the hotel allows guests to set up a bonfire at night when you can sing campfire songs and watch the stars. You can also join the movie night and enjoy the free popcorn from the hotel.

4. Twin Lakes Hotel

Scenic environment of Twin Lakes HotelPhoto by Twin Lakes Hotel

The Twin Lakes Hotel is located in a secluded environment with a breathtaking view of Tagaytay’s trademark tourist site, Lake Taal. Complemented by the majestic environment, this Tagaytay hotel also offers a quality Tagaytay staycation through the rooms and facilities.

All the rooms have an HD Cable TV, bathroom, an aircon, and coffee and tea makers as well. There is also a terrace where you can get a closer look at Taal Lake so you can admire the scenery and take photos of this tourist site.

As you view Taal Lake from all over this hotel, there are ways to complement your experience such as eating in the Twin Lakes Café. This café specializes in preparing classic Filipino cuisines with a local twist. Some of the dishes you must try out are the local bulalo and pochero as you stare at the Taal Lake.

If you are looking for alcohol, then you can try the wines and cocktails at Zabana Bar. In supplementing your hotel experience, you can exercise in the fitness center and swim in the Infinity pool. The Twin Lakes Hotel also offers a game room where you can play billiards with other guests and a kid’s corner where you can take your children to hang out, making it one of the kid-friendly hotels in Tagaytay. 



3. Taal Vista Hotel

Green landscape of Taal Vista HotelPhoto by Taal Vista Hotel

The Taal Vista Hotel offers a natural paradise unlike any other. What sets this Tagaytay hotel apart from the Twin Lakes Hotel is how there are is a more complete view and appreciation of mother nature. The hotel’s rooms are not only focused on Taal Volcano and Taal Lake, but there are also breathtaking sceneries of mountains and forests.

The rooms are categorized into the Lake Wing and Mountain Wing. While the views outside your windows are majestic, you can also opt to have a Tagaytay staycation due to the hotel’s numerous facilities and amenities. All the rooms have a flat-screen television, aircon, minibar refrigerator, and free WiFi.

To satisfy your cravings, this hotel has three separate restaurants that offer local and international cuisine. Your dining experience is supplemented with live music and breathtaking views of Taal Volcano and mountains.

If you’re looking for local dessert, you can try the likes of Pan de Coco, Ensaymadas, and Mallari Lambanog coffee at the Cake Shop. There are also plenty of ways to entertain yourself such as exercising in the Fitness Center, playing billiards in the Game Room, and dipping in the swimming pool.

As you depart from the hotel, there is also a souvenir shop where you can buy local items that pay tribute to the Filipino culture. 

2. Escala Tagaytay

Breathtaking Taal Lake view from Escala TagaytayPhoto by Escala Tagaytay

Escala Tagaytay is one of the luxury hotels in Tagaytay. This Tagaytay hotel has equally great tourist sites and facilities. Some of Tagaytay’s tourist sites nearby are the Sky Ranch, Picnic Grove, and Calaruega Church. There are also plenty of well-known restaurants and cafes near the vicinity such as Leslie’s Bulalo, Mushroomburger, Bag of Beans, and Starbucks.

While the environment is entertaining, the hotel’s internal environment makes for a quality Tagaytay staycation.  All the room units have a flat-screen television, aircon, minibar, bathroom, free WiFi, even an in-room massage service upon request. Also, each room has a stellar view of the countryside and a terrace as well.

If you’re too tired to go out and look for a place to eat, there are two Filipino restaurants inside the hotel. You can also relax by getting a massage in the spa and working out in the gym.

There is also an infinity pool for adults which also happens to be the best place to get a complete view of Taal Lake. This infinity pool is also a great place for swimming during the evenings because there are fiber optic lights that light up the venue. The lights make this swimming area the place to be at night time. 

1. Anya Resort & Residences

Big pool area of Anya Resort & ResidencesPhoto by Anya Resort and Residences

Anya Resort & Residences is arguably one of the fanciest and luxurious Tagaytay resorts with a pool. This hotel resort is one of Tagaytay’s tourist sites since Anya Resort is one of the 500 international hotels that belong to the Small Luxury Hotels of the World (SLH).

The hotel is also near other Tagaytay tourist sites such as Picnic Grove, People’s Park in the Sky, and Taal Lake. If you have a knack for playing golf, there are plenty of courses nearby such as the Sherwood Hills Golf Course and The Riviera Golf Club. 

Moreover, Anya Resort’s international recognition is a testament to how it’s one of the best resorts in Tagaytay to have a staycation. The hotel offers a nice blend of local indigenous and modern design which is complemented with restaurants that serve international cuisine.

All the rooms have premium bedding, aircon, a bathroom, and a patio to absorb the refreshing atmosphere.  The restaurants also serve excellent cuisines such as the Samira Restaurant which specializes in Mediterranean dishes and Anila Poolside Restaurant which serves pizzas, salads, and pasta.

There are also plenty of relaxing and entertaining activities such as swimming in the heated pool, getting treatment at Niyama Spa, and working out in a completely equipped gym. 

Beautiful sunset in Twin Lakes TagaytayPhoto by Twin Lakes Hotel

While mother nature is the main attraction, accommodations play a vital part in your Tagaytay experience, even if it is just for a hotel overnight stay. It is important to note that the purpose of going to Tagaytay is to refresh your mind and refill your energy tank.

All the mentioned top hotels and resorts in Tagaytay are great in their own right. Where they vary is the experience that people prefer to have. When booking a hotel in the Philippines, here are the things you should factor in: the best Tagaytay hotel rates or your budget, amenities, and external environment.

Since traveling can be expensive, it is important to balance these mentioned factors to create a peaceful and relaxing experience. On one hand, if you’re more of an outgoing person, then I suggest looking for quality but cheap hotels in Tagaytay since you will be able to maximize your experience by going to malls, parks, and restaurants.

Given that you will spend most of your time outside, choosing an expensive hotel might not be the smart thing to do. On the other hand, if you’re inclined to stay indoors, then I recommend choosing a hotel with luxurious amenities such as swimming pools, gyms, and restaurants.

After finalizing your Tagaytay hotel booking, check day tours in Tagaytay and day tours from Manila that you can add to your Tagaytay itinerary and complete your getaway near Manila



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