13 Tagaytay Coffee Shops with Taal View That You Should Visit

13 Tagaytay Coffee Shops with Taal View That You Should Visit

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Starbucks Philippines and Kuuma KaakaoPhotos by Starbucks Philippines and Kuuma Kaakao

Tagaytay City's cooler climate, scenic view of Taal Volcano, and numerous restaurants easily make it one of the best places to visit in the Philippines. Add to that the bulalo (bone marrow soup), Tagaytay restaurants, and cozy hotels in Tagaytay, and you have yourself an ideal escape for a vacation in the Philippines or day tours near Manila

Another great thing about this chilly city is the array of coffee shops perched on hillsides that offer unobstructed views of Taal Volcano, one of the top tourist spots in Luzon. Whether you're just visiting for a day or spending the night, a trip to this city is made better by stopping by Tagaytay cafes for a warm cup of coffee while enjoying the cool breeze. 

Here are some of the best coffee shops in Tagaytay with a view that you shouldn't miss on your next weekend road trip near Manila

Note: This list is not arranged in any order

1. Starbucks Reserve Hiraya

Starbucks HirayaPhoto by Starbucks Philippines

Anyone looking for a good cup of coffee and a fantastic view of the iconic Taal Volcano will find a cozy escape in Starbucks Reserve Hiraya, the largest branch in the country that can seat about 250. This modern coffee space sits along Aguinaldo Highway in the exact spot where the first ever Starbucks in Tagaytay stood 20 years ago. 

As a Reserve branch, Starbucks Hiraya also serves rarer and higher-quality coffees not usually available in regular Starbucks stores. It is also the first branch in the country to offer freshly baked pastries. Along with its selection of fresh pastries, another tasty offering on its menu is the signature Hiraya Latte, exclusive to this Tagaytay store. 

Starbucks Hiraya's outdoor seatingPhoto by Starbucks Philippines

As for the space itself, the outlet's interiors feature earthy tones that lend the space a cozy feel. But what will easily catch your eye is the scenic view of Taal Volcano that you can see from the moment you step into the store. For an even better view of Taal Volcano, it's recommended to grab a seat in the alfresco area. Apart from the view, Hiraya features a large colorful woven artwork by local artist Aze Ong that's meant to serve as a conversation starter for friends enjoying coffee together. 

Address: Aguinaldo Highway, Silang Crossing West, Tagaytay

2. Starbucks Tagaytay Downhill

Starbucks Downhill Tagaytay Photo by @paolosuarez11 on Instagram

This Starbucks branch has been a popular stop for a Tagaytay day tour with friends and family since it opened due to the fantastic view of Taal Volcano it offers. Outfitted with tall windows, you can easily enjoy the view of the iconic volcano and its surrounding lake from inside the Starbucks Tagaytay Downhill coffee shop while sipping your favorite drink.

Starbucks frappucino Photo by Starbucks Philippines

If you prefer a seat away from the cashier to avoid the line of people waiting to place their orders, you can head downstairs, where there are more tables for customers. Guests can opt to sit at any of the outdoor tables as well if they want to get a glimpse of Taal Volcano while savoring the chilly breeze that blows in from the lakeside. However, since this is a crowd favorite, it can get busy and noisy fast as locals and visitors pour in for their favorite drinks. 

Address: Purok 162 Tagaytay - Calamba Rd, Tolentino West, Tagaytay

3. Starbucks Lavender Tagaytay

Starbucks Lavender TagaytayPhoto by Starbucks Philippines

Another great location to savor your favorite Starbucks drink is at their branch in Domicillo Design Hotel. Often referred to as Starbucks Lavender Tagaytay, this branch is smaller in size compared to the Downhill cafe. The smaller size does come with a plus side, however, since this means fewer people and a more quiet atmosphere. 

As you enjoy the ambiance and your drink, you can admire Taal Volcano through the cafe's spotless floor-to-ceiling windows that give you a panoramic view of the crater and its surroundings. For a clearer view, it's best to grab a seat in their alfresco area, where you can also feel the cooler temperature of Tagaytay. 

Address: Domicillo Design Hotel, Km 58, Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Maharlika East, Tagaytay

4. Bag of Beans Athena 

Bag of Beans Athena Photo by Bag of Beans Tagaytay

Bag of Beans in Tagaytay is a homegrown brand that has remained a must-visit spot over the years thanks to its rich coffee and tasty meals. The Bag of Beans Athena branch stands out for its quaint white design that gives the place a homey feel - perfect for a cozy afternoon with friends and family. On top of this, it is also among the best overlooking coffee shops in Tagaytay for its scenic view of Taal Volcano, which you can enjoy from most tables inside and their alfresco area. 

Bag of Beans' kapeng barako and blueberry cheesecakePhoto by Bag of Beans Tagaytay

Another noteworthy part of this branch is its more modern dining area that boasts a sleek black-and-white motif complemented with aqua and gold pieces. As you take in the view of Taal Lake, you can sip on a cup of their House Blend Coffee or the Barako Coffee, one of the best coffee in Tagaytay. Along with their drinks, the cafe also cooks up delicious classic Filipino meals and pastries that you can pair with your cup. 

Address: 115 Emilio Aguinaldo Hwy, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay


5. Tsokolateria Artisanal Café

Tsokolateria Artisanal Café's house blend Photo by Tsokolateria

The Tsokolateria Artisanal Café in Tagaytay is best known for its chocolate creations that make for the perfect snacks while enjoying the view of Taal Lake. While chocolate is the star of the show here, you can also find a wide array of beautiful dinnerware pieces such as plates and glasses upon entering this Tagaytay coffee shop. After passing through the display of crafts, you will enter the dining areas. 

Tsokolateria Artisanal Café TagaytayPhoto by Tsokolateria

For a better view of Taal, try to find a seat in the alfresco area. If it's your first time here, you can not miss out on their signature Tsokolate de Batirol, a traditional Filipino hot chocolate drink. For coffee lovers, their Baguio Brew Tsoko Barakko is among their standouts. 

Aside from their drinks, visitors can also feast on classic Filipino cuisine staples here for a hearty meal. Some of their bestsellers are their Lechon Kawali and Pulled Chicken Adobo.

Address: The Boutique Bed & Breakfast, 45 Aguinaldo Highway Silang Crossing East, Tagaytay

6. UCC Clockwork (The Inn at Cliffhouse Tagaytay)

UCC Clockwork TagaytayPhoto by UCC Clockwork

Located in the Cliffhouse Tagaytay complex, visitors can sip on their favorite drinks from this top-notch Japanese cafe while enjoying the scenery highlighted by Taal Volcano. The interior of UCC Clockwork is designed with shades of brown and is complemented with grass decorations and photos of the shop's coffee-making process. 

One of their most popular items on the menu is the Kori Kohi. This drink is made by pouring sweet, warm milk into a glass filled with coffee ice cubes. This twist on a normal glass of iced coffee gives a richer taste as it only gets more flavorful as the ice cubes melt. Meanwhile, traditional iced coffees tend to get watered down as the ice cubes melt and mix into the coffee. 

For a dairy-free option, their bulletproof coffee is a great choice. This drink is made by mixing coffee with small amounts of butter and coconut oil, giving it a creamy texture without any milk. Aside from their drinks, the cafe also offers Filipino favorites such as longganisa and Japanese staples like Omurice. 

Address: Inn at Cliffhouse Tagaytay, Km 58 Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay

7. Concha’s Garden Cafe (The Inn at Cliffhouse Tagaytay) 

Concha's Garden Cafe viewing deck Photo by Concha's Garden Café - Cliffhouse Tagaytay

Another beloved cafe in the Cliffhouse Tagaytay complex is Concha's Garden Cafe. With access to the complex's viewing area that overlooks Taal Lake, this cafe is an ideal place to simply unwind, especially with a warm cup of coffee. They serve classic drinks like a cafe americano, cappuccino, and caramel macchiato.

If you're dining with children, you can treat them to their own cup of Pinoy tsokolate or Belgian hot chocolate while they sit with you. For meals, the cafe is best known for its Filipino comfort foods like sinigang na hipon, crispy pasta, and chicken adobo. You can also pair your cup of coffee with crepes, cakes, and other sweet desserts. 

Address: Inn at Cliffhouse Tagaytay, Km 58 Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo Highway, Tagaytay

8. 16th Cent Koffie (Matterhorn Bed and Breakfast) 

16th Cent Koffie Photo by 16th Cent Koffie

As one of the newer cafes in Tagaytay, 16th Cent Koffie gives coffee lovers more options when looking for a place to have a dose of caffeine with a stunning mountain and sky view. This cafe originally started serving customers in late 2021 from The Observatory Tagaytay with the perfect Taal view but has moved to its new location at the Matterhorn Bed & Breakfast along Tagaytay-Calamba Road. 

16th Cent Koffie and cakesPhoto by 16th Cent Koffie

When you drop by to take in the view, you should try their best-selling koffies: Iced Karamel Macchiato and Hazelnut Mocha Frappe. If you're visiting in the summer, you can also cool off with their Framusa Cent Smoothie. 

16th Cent Koffie's chefs can whip up savory recipes to go with your drinks too. Taking inspiration from international cuisines, some of their crowd favorites are the Pasta Negra and Carbonara. 

Address: Zer Franco, Iruhin Central, Tagaytay- Calamba Road, Tagaytay

9. La Creperie (Twin Lakes) 

La Creperie's veranda Photo by La Creperie (PH)

This French-inspired cafe is situated in the Twin Lakes Shopping Center, a usual stop in Tagaytay tours for its lookout deck. La Creperie has two floors, each with an alfresco area. Inside, the cafe features wooden walls that give it a rustic feel. It's best to get a table outside if you can, as you will have a better view of Taal Lake from there. 

La Creperie's strawberry mango crepePhoto by La Creperie (PH)

For coffee, they serve the usual drinks like espressos, macchiatos, and cappuccinos. On top of that, they also make affogatos that come in two flavors: salted butter caramel and bittersweet chocolate. 

Of course, no visit here is complete without tasting one of their delicious crepes. Their house favorite is the salidou, which is made with homemade salted butter caramel and topped with whipped cream. Tea lovers will also feel at home here as the cafe offers various TWG teas.

Address: Twin Lakes Shopping Center, Barangay Dayap-Itaas,Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, Batangas City

10. Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe 

Kuuma Kakao's coffee and kakanin Photo by Kuuma Kaakao

Situated in Hillcrest Plaza, Kuuma Kaakao Kaffe is a hidden cafe in Tagaytay that takes pride in serving its customers traditional Filipino hot chocolate and delicacies. When you stop by for a cup of hot choco, take the time to sit in their alfresco area to get a fantastic view of Taal Lake while savoring your chocolate drink. 

Kuuma Kaakao KaffePhoto by Kuuma Kaakao

Coffee lovers looking for a stronger taste should try their hot chocolate + coffee option, which is made by mixing tablea with Barako coffee, one of the best coffee in the Philippines. If you're hungry, Kuuma Kaakao also offers puto bumbong and bibingka, classic Filipino desserts that pair perfectly with a cup of hot choco or coffee. 

You can even have lunch here since their menu also features Filipino cuisine staples like sisig, tapa, longganisa, and more. 

Address: Hillcrest Plaza Tagaytay-Nasugbu Highway, East, Silang Junction South, Tagaytay

11. Sip n' Brew - Miara Cafe Tagaytay 

Sip n' Brew - Miara Cafe Tagaytay Photo by Sip n' Brew - Miara Cafe Tagaytay

Sip n' Brew - Miara Cafe Tagaytay sets itself apart by not only serving coffee but making sweet milk tea drinks too. Their outdoor area features floor-to-ceiling windows that allow you to still enjoy the picturesque view of Taal Volcano on windy days without worrying about any strong breezes. 

Sip N' Brew's coffee and milkteaPhoto by Sip n' Brew - Miara Cafe Tagaytay

On sunny days, you can also take in the view from their viewing deck in the alfresco area so you can get an unobstructed glimpse of Taal Lake, a must-see sight when you tour the Philippines. Along with milk tea and coffee, you can round out your Tagaytay visit with an order of their signature Bulalo, a popular Filipino soup made with beef shanks and bone marrow and is typically served with fish sauce. 

Address: Mendez Crossing West, Tagaytay

12. Lawa Cafe - Tagaytay

Lawa Cafe's bibingka pancake Photo by Lawa Cafe Ph - Tagaytay

Lawa Cafe is a roadside coffee shop in Tagaytay that only features alfresco dining. The cafe boasts simple designs such as bamboo fences that help highlight the area's relaxed atmosphere, which is a welcome change of scenery for many visitors from big cities like Manila. Their tables are also set under the shade of trees to help keep customers cool, even on sunny days. 

As you take in the breathtaking view of Taal Lake from this laidback cafe, make sure to order a cup of traditional Filipino hot chocolate or an iced caramel macchiato, two of their best-selling drinks. You can also pair your drinks with an order of bibingka. If you're in the mood for a heavier meal, try out Lawa Cafe's bulalo, which is a perfect addition to a trip to the chilly city of Tagaytay. 

Address: Maharlika West, Tagaytay

13. The NEST Tagaytay

The NEST Tagaytay Photo by The Nest Tagaytay

The Nest is a cozy cafe and bed & breakfast perched along the hillside of Calamba Road. True to its name, the establishment features colorful murals of various birds on its white walls. Keeping to the theme, guests can also relax in hanging wooden seats that resemble birds' nests while they look out at the view of Taal Lake. 

When it comes to coffee, The Nest uses medium roast beans that have notes of dark chocolate. On the other hand, non-coffee people can enjoy whole-leaf tea, fruit shakes, and hot chocolate. Customers can feast on The Nest's crowd favorite, which is a twist on a Tagaytay staple: their Bulalo Flakes with Roasted Bone Marrow. 

Address: Olivarez Rotunda, Calamba Road

Enjoy the Taal View at These Tagaytay Coffee Shops and Cafes

Taal VolcanoAdmire the view of Taal Volcano, one of the best tourist spots near Manila, while treating yourself to great coffee by visiting the best cafes in Tagaytay. For a hassle-free trip here, you can book Tagaytay tour packages through travel booking websites like Guide to the Philippines. 

In between your visits to Tagaytay restaurants and cafes, you can also make an online trip booking at 5-star hotels in the Philippines or affordable resorts near Manila that are located right in Tagaytay. Make the most of your trip by staying at one of the hotels in Tagaytay with Taal view.

Along with the views of Taal Volcano, other tourist spots in Tagaytay are included in most Philippine tour packages, especially vacation packages for couples and Tagaytay day trip packages. Check out our Tagaytay travel guide as well to know how to go to Tagaytay from Manila and what Philippines travel requirements you will need when you start planning your Tagaytay getaway. 

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