Drone shot of Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan

San Vicente Palawan Travel Guide: Home of the Longest Beach in the Philippines

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Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan

Discover the beauty of San Vicente, an underrated Palawan destination that is home to the longest beach in the Philippines.  Read on to learn everything you need to know about planning a trip here.

San Vicente is an emerging tourist destination nestled in between the popular Palawan destinations El Nido and Puerto Princesa.

Located on the northwestern side of Palawan Island, it is home to the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines and the second-longest in Southeast Asia, aptly named Long Beach.

At precisely 14.7 KM-long, it is said to be three times longer than Boracay's famous White Beach. San Vicente's Long Beach offers a laid-back vibe, ideal for travelers who are interested in sightseeing, lounging at the beach for hours, and island-hopping.

Aside from Long Beach, the main highlight of San Vicente,  it is a peaceful fishing village that offers more tourist spots. It is blessed with untouched lush forests, picturesque islands, majestic waterfalls, enchanting mangroves, and diverse flora and fauna. 

Top view of Port Barton in PalawanSan Vicente is also home to Port Barton, another top Palawan destination. It attracts backpackers who seek a relaxed rural atmosphere with a similar vibe to El Nido.

Port Barton in Palawan is mistaken usually as a separate or different town from San Vicente, but it's a part of it. You can explore the Long Beach and other land tourist spots with Port Barton as a side trip or vice versa. 



The opening of the new San Vicente Palawan Airport has made this sleeping town now easily accessible. More tourists can visit this quaint and secluded town to explore its idyllic tourist spots.

Bookmark this page for all the details you need to know when booking flights, accommodations, tours, and planning your itinerary to San Vicente, Palawan. 

Best Time to Go to San Vicente

Beach view from a cottage in Port Barton, Palawan

You have to plan your trip during the months when the weather is warm and sunny. Because it prides itself on being the home to the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines and to several island destinations.

In this section, you’ll learn about the best time to go to San Vicente, its local festival, the climate and weather, and how to dress accordingly. 

Dry Season | December to April

The best time to visit San Vicente is during its dry season, covering the months of December to April or mid-May. These months are the sunniest.

Thanks to its location in the west of the Philippines, Palawan is not frequented by typhoons compared to other provinces found in the eastern area of the country. 

Port Barton is a famous destination especially for European tourists, with the peak season usually from December to February when they’re escaping to the tropics during their winter season. 

Malagnang Mud Festival | June 

If you're interested in experiencing the local festival of the Malagnang Mud Festival, the best time to visit is in June. It usually happens around June 19-21.

"Malagnang" means mud in their local dialect and it is an annual celebration which signifies fertile soil that gave life and prosperity to the early settlers of the town.

Locals and visitors take part in activities and competitions such as street dancing and cultural programs. San Vicente weather in June is still hot and humid like the dry season.

But there can be rain showers if the weather reports indicate the presence of a low-pressure area or incoming tropical storm. 

Climate and Weather 

From August to September, rainfall is heavy to moderate. Make sure to check for weather updates before booking your flight to avoid the need to reschedule your trip because of inclement weather. Here’s a summary of the average monthly rainfall in San Vicente: 

Average monthly rainfall in San Vicente, Palawan

Source: Weather Spark

The average temperature over the year is from  24°C to 33°C, perfect for a day out at the beach. Here’s a summary of the monthly temperature in San Vicente for every month of the year: 

Average monthly temperature in San Vicente, Palawan

Source: Weather Spark

What to Wear

Because of the almost year-round summer weather, make sure to wear breathable clothes. It can get hot during the day when you’re out at Long Beach or island-hopping. It’s the perfect destination to wear flowy dresses, linen shirts, or comfy shorts and slippers.

Pack your sunglasses, caps or hats, and light scarves to protect you from the sun while exploring San Vicente, especially if you’re riding motorcycles. At night, traveling the long road parallel to Long Beach can get a bit chilly so bring a light jacket to keep you warm. 

How to Get to San Vicente

Philippine Airlines' Boeing N777

Photo from Philippine Airlines

San Vicente has its airport (San Vicente Airport), so the best and fastest way to go here is by booking a direct flight. However, there are currently no more flights to San Vicente Airport. 

As an alternative, you can travel by land from Puerto Princesa or El Nido. Below are some of the travel options available to reach this secluded paradise:

By Flights

There are no more direct flights from Manila, the capital of the Philippines, or from Clark, Pampanga, 2-3 hours away from Manila. 

From Puerto Princesa

Another way is by flying first to Puerto Princesa, the capital of Palawan.  Puerto Princesa is a significant tourist destination, and flights from Manila, Cebu, Clark, and Davao are serviced here.

From the airport, ride a tricycle going to the San Jose terminal, then you can either ride a bus or van that will drop you off at Poblacion in San Vicente. 

By Public Bus

You can choose from two bus trip schedules per day. The first trip is at 6 AM while the second trip is at 1 PM.

Travel time is around 4-5 hours by public bus because of the stops along the way to drop-off and pick-up passengers. Due to the limited bus trips and the long travel, plan your flights and tours accordingly. 

By Public Van 

Riding public vans is the faster option compared to public buses because there are no stops. Vans can take you to San Vicente for only 3-4 hours. The earliest departure time is 4 AM, and they operate until 5 PM. The only downside to this is that there’s not much legroom compared to a bus. 

By Private Van 

For a more comfortable ride, you can hire a private van from an accredited tour or travel agency. Since you’ll hire a private van for your group, you don’t have to wait for other tourists, and you’ll have more space in the vehicle. They can also pick you up directly from the airport. 

Getting Around San Vicente

You can explore San Vicente by riding various local public transportation, but not all are applicable for every route. As an emerging tourist destination, the main thoroughfares have cemented roads.

There are still routes that are yet to be developed for easier and faster travel. Read on to find out the available transport options to get around San Vicente and which ones to choose based on your destination: 

Electronic Tricycle 

Rechargeable electronic tricycles or e-trikes are one of the leading public transport options. The government started shifting from the regular tricycles to e-trikes at the beginning of 2019. You can ride these from the San Vicente Airport going to your resort or hotel in Poblacion or Long Beach.

These are also available for hire when doing land tours or getting transported within the town. Unlike the regular tricycles in other Philippine destinations that run on gasoline, these travel more quietly and smoother. 


Get around San Vicente by renting motorcycles or habal-habalAnother main transportation option is motorcycles or habal-habal with a local driver. These are your best option if you're traveling alone or in a small group since these can only accommodate one passenger and the driver only per motorbike.

They are suitable for visiting on rough roads, or longer distances that the e-trike cannot travel on like going to Port Barton from San Vicente Long Beach or Poblacion. The rate will depend on the distance of travel.

Private Van 

If you want to explore San Vicente in the comforts of an air-conditioned van, you can hire a private van for your group. These can take you to any point in the province and are a good option if you want a more comfortable ride without the dust from the dirt roads.

Self-Drive Motorcycles

Want to explore at your own pace? You can rent self-drive motorcycles in Poblacion or Port Barton area. Motorbikes can be rented for a day or multiple days. Store owners usually give a discount if you’re renting for multiple days.

Where to Stay in San Vicente

Inaladelan Island Resort in Port Barton, PalawanSince San Vicente is still an emerging tourist destination, the choices for accommodation are quite limited for now. 

Long Beach, Poblacion, and Port Barton have significant distances between each. Make sure to book the right accommodation for your preferred location based on your itinerary. 

Types of Accommodation

As a beach and island destination, the majority of the accommodations are centralized in the coastal areas. Below are the available options you have when booking a home away from home. Make sure that you choose the best one based on your itinerary and budget. 

Beachfront Resorts

The best San Vicente resorts are the ones with direct beach access, especially when you’re in Long Beach or Port Barton. These are usually mid-range to luxury in price range because you’re paying for the location.

Only a few offer the typical luxurious resort vibe like in other famous island or beach destinations. Most of these are styled like nipa huts but have amenities found in modern resorts. 

Budget-friendly Lodges and Inns

For more affordable accommodations that are not beachfront, you have several options when it comes to budget-friendly lodges, inns, or guesthouses. These offer basic amenities and are usually located along the main roads or inner streets. 

Vacation Rentals

Want to feel like a local with your private beach house? Then you should book vacation rentals. There are a number of these varying from modern to nipa hut styles.

Prices depend on the number of people it can accommodate and the location. The nearer it is to the beach, the pricier it can be. Aside from the basic amenities, these usually include a fully-equipped kitchen where you can cook your meals.


If you’re up for a more rugged style of accommodation, there are beach camping grounds available. These are available on some islands and beaches and are managed by private resorts. 

Neighborhoods and Areas 

When choosing where to stay, you need to know first that there are three main areas where you can book accommodation. Each place offers a different vibe and needs to be traveled to by riding an e-trike, motorcycle, or vans. Find out which area best fits your preferences. 

Long Beach

Long Beach in San Vicente is the longest beach in the PhilippinesLong Beach or the main highlight of San Vicente houses some beachfront and non-beach front accommodations. Booking a place here is ideal for those who want direct access to different parts of the 14.7km white-sand beach.

Long Beach covers different barangays that serve as jumpoff points when using public transportation like New Agutaya, San Isidro, and Alimuangan. 

It's made up of 10 barangays, but its two significant settlements are Poblacion (where Long Beach is) and Port Barton.

The Poblacion area is located on one end of Long Beach and is often the jump-off point. From Poblacion, travel here can take from 5 to 30 minutes depending on where you’re going. 


It is the town center of San Vicente located on one end of Long Beach. It serves as the jumpoff point to Long Beach and Port Barton when you land at the San Vicente Airport. Poblacion is also where the main port for island hopping is located, including stores, restaurants, and bars. 

Port Barton

Sunset at Port Barton Bay in PalawanThis quiet fishing village located 1-2 hours by land or 30 mins-1 hours by chartered boat from Poblacion is a famous destination for international tourists, especially Europeans. You can go here on a side trip or choose to stay for a couple of nights. 

Compared to Long Beach and Poblacion, there are more restaurants and bars available here. It's reminiscent of the chill beach vibe of El Nido.

Accommodations Highlights in San Vicente

Now that you know which areas you can stay in during your trip, find out what your accommodation options are. We’ve got you covered in this list of highly-recommended San Vicente resorts that will include those located in Long Beach, Poblacion, and Port Barton.

Make sure to book your accommodation in advance because the limited options are sometimes not enough to cater to tourists, especially during peak season.

Mid-range Accommodations

If comfort is your priority yet you don’t want to spend too much for a resort or hotel, below are some great accommodation options for you to choose from. These are highly-rated by travelers because of their location and best for value amenities.  

Turublien Long Beach Inn and Beach Bar

Located right in front of Inandeng River with direct access to Long Beach, this rustic lodge is perfect for a group of friends, couples, and families. The inn has ten rooms, each with a private bathroom and a balcony. This accommodation is also pet-friendly. 

Victoria Beach House

Nestled in front of Alimanguan Beach at the far end of Long Beach, this accommodation is quite secluded as compared to other hotels and resorts. Sunset views can be enjoyed by guests when they lounge in hammocks by the balcony of each room. All rooms are air-conditioned with its private bathroom.

Jurisu Resort

Jurisu Resort has located a few minutes' walk from the famous Long Beach in San Vicente, Palawan. They have direct access to the beachfront and the main road.

They are also situated 15 minutes away from the newly opened San Vicente Airport. All rooms have air-conditioning, a flat-screen TV, a private bathroom and free toiletries.

Mermaid Paradise Resort

Located at the beautiful beachfront of Port Barton, this accommodation is perfect for guests who want to relax and take in the sights and sounds of Palawan. Mermaid Paradise Resort has eight rooms with private bathrooms, and it also has its bar and restaurant.

Le Cou de Tou Village Resort

A small and cozy village resort featuring a garden and its in-house restaurant. It's on a strategic location because it's only a 5-minute walk to the Port Barton beach and a 10-minute walk to the bus terminal. All units and guest houses have a private bathroom and free Wi-Fi.

Binga Beach Resort

Binga Beach Resort is a soon to be opened boutique resort that will feature upscale glamping accommodations on Lumambang Beach, located at the northern part of Long Beach in San Vicente. Guests here will have a majestic view of Mt. Capoas and access to fine white sand beach that will give you the best sunset view. 

Luxury Accommodations

San Vicente is not as developed yet as El Nido, Coron, or Puerto Princesa, but there are a few luxury hotels available for you to choose from.

Listed below are some of the highly-rated resorts in Long Beach and Port Barton. These have beachfront or direct beach access and full amenities for a comfortable stay. 

Club Agutaya Resort

For travelers who don't mind spending for luxury, Club Agutaya in Long Beach is the perfect resort for you. It features 38 guest rooms, each with their air-conditioning, LCD Television, balcony, and a private bathroom.

Guests can enjoy the private beach, outdoor pool, and other amenities like their massage spa. They also run a turtle sanctuary operation inside the resort. 

Peace and Love Resort

This resort is located in the main Poblacion of San Vicente. Peace and Love Resort has become a favorite among travelers, particularly international guests, because of their strategic location.

Each air-conditioned room has a private bathroom, hairdryer, free toiletries, and complimentary slippers. Guests can also enjoy the infinity pool and sunset terrace that this accommodation offers.

Sunset Beach Resort

Sunset Beach Resort is a German-owned accommodation, situated along Macatumbalen Beach near the town center of Poblacion in San Vicente. It has an outdoor pool with views of the sea and the sunset.

They offer complimentary Wi-Fi access at the beach bar and pool area. All rooms at the property are air-conditioned with queen-sized beds, a flat-screen TV, safe-box, a kitchenette area, open cabinets, and a mini-bar.

Sunset Colors

Overlooking the islands of Port Barton Marine Park, Sunset Colors offers comfortable accommodation in Port Barton, San Vicente.

This resort has four beach cottages, one quadruple room, and one superior room. All rooms have their private terrace, fan, bathroom, and balcony with sea views.

Secret Paradise Resort and Turtle Sanctuary

For tourists who are looking for a luxurious experience, Secret Paradise Resort and Turtle Sanctuary is the resort for you. It is Palawan's premier eco-friendly resort, set in 2 private coves with a 4.1km coastline, lined with coconut trees and four secluded beaches with its waterfalls.

All six cottages of the hotel are provided with air conditioning, hot water showers, safety deposit boxes, a minibar, hammocks, and private beach loungers.

Budget Accommodations

You don't have to splurge to enjoy the beauty of San Vicente, Palawan. Below are some options for you to choose from.

If you are looking for a place to stay with basic amenities but don't want to break the bank. These are favorites among budget travelers because of the location and affordable rates. 

Picardal Lodge

Conveniently located in downtown Poblacion, Picardal Lodge is home to seven cozy rooms, all at affordable rates. Family rooms have air-conditioning and private bathrooms, while backpacker rooms are shared with no air-conditioning.

It is an excellent base for exploring San Vicente because it is located near various tourist destinations. Because of its inexpensive rooms, Picardal Lodge is an easy favorite of budget travelers and backpackers.

La Acuario Beach Inn

La Acuario Beach inn is a beachfront property in Poblacion with a private beach area. Each fan-room is equipped with a private comfort room, mosquito net, and seating area.

This accommodation is managed by a family on-site and is always available to assist their guests. Also, this place is pet-friendly so that you may bring your furry friends with you.

Garpeza Inn

Located in Port Barton, this charming guest house is perfect for budget travelers and backpackers. This simple guest house offers a modest sleeping area. Guests can enjoy the terrace common area and garden.

D’Port Kitchen and Inn

This cozy and rustic accommodation is located just a few meters away from Port Barton Beach. D’Port Kitchen and Inn also has an in-house restaurant serving local and some international cuisines.

This Inn has three basic rooms with shared bathrooms. This place gives a homey vibe to backpackers and budget travelers.

What to See and Do in San Vicente, Palawan

Guide to the Philippines' map of things to do in Palawan, including San VicenteSan Vicente is ideal for people who want to commune with nature, but that doesn't mean that there won't be any fun activities on this beautiful island. Here are the best places to visit and the best things to do.

Explore Long Beach

Palm trees along the stretch of white sand in Long Beach, San Vicente

San Vicente's Long Beach is the longest white-sand beach in the Philippines and the second-longest in Southeast Asia. The 14.7km stretch of powdery sand is lined with endless towering coconut trees and a few nipa huts.


Video by the Philippine Department of Tourism

Enjoy a peaceful and laid-back experience without the large crowds of tourists here. It is also known for its marvelous sunset.

The best way to explore Long Beach is by renting a motorcycle (habal-habal). It can accommodate two passengers at once, or hiring an e-trike for your group or a motorcycle with a driver if you're alone.

Go Island-Hopping

Island hopping at Inaladelan Island, PalawanIsland-hopping is probably the most popular activity among tourists visiting the Philippines. San Vicente has 22 islands off its coast with dozens of beaches. Many of these islands are easily accessible from Poblacion and Port Barton.

You can join a group tour or charter a private boat. These tours usually include lunch, snorkeling gear, and all entrance fees.



Some of the beautiful islands and snorkeling sites that you will encounter through these tours are:

  • Starfish Island or Sandbar - As the name suggests, this is a sandbar known for the starfishes that you'll see scattered around it. It usually appears only during low tide and is excellent for swimming or sunbathing by the sand.

  • Exotic Island and Maxima Island - This island-hopping destination is composed of two islands with shallow water in between them. Perfect for swimming and having lunch by the beach. Because of its unique landscape, this island is one of the favorites among travelers. 

  • Inaladelan Island or German Island - It is a privately-owned island with crystal clear waters, a white-sand beach, and an excellent snorkeling site for enthusiasts. It's usually the stop for lunch where you can lounge by the beach in their nipa hut-like umbrellas or go for an afternoon nap in the hammocks. 

  • Twin Reef  - It is a top snorkeling destination in San Vicente, known for its colorful colors and abundant school of fish that aren't afraid of humans. You can easily see because of the crystal clear waters. 

Swim with Sea Turtles

A sea turtle swimming under the blue seaSan Vicente has a pristine marine environment and is one of the best places to spot sea turtles, locally known as pawikan.

The islets and islands have abundant corals and all sorts of marine life. If you’re lucky, you might spot both the hawksbill and Green Sea turtle, two different species of pawikans in Palawan.

Escape the Crowd to Boayan Island

Boayan Island is the largest island in San Vicente, Palawan. It is an ideal spot for travelers who are looking for secluded shores and serenity of being far from large crowds.

 With its emerald waters, fine sand and lush forests, Boayan Island is the perfect escape. Travel Time is around 1 hour through a scenic route.

Check Out the View from Bato ni Ningning 

This spot is where most of the Long Beach photos are taken from because of its high elevation. From the Alimanguan Beach area of Long Beach, you can hire a motorcycle with a local driver that will take you to Bato ni Ningning.

Here, you'll find a big rock that you can climb and view the stretch of Long Beach starting from Irawan Beach. It's best to go here during the early morning or just before sunset. 

Diving with the Marine Life

For diving enthusiasts, there are many spots around San Vicente perfect for scuba diving. You may inquire in different dive centers.

Because of the precious marine life and vibrant reefs in the area, you'll never run out of diving spots to explore here. Most diving shops can be found in Port Barton. 

Try Glamping 

Glamping tent at Thelma and Toby's Island Camping Adventure in Port Barton, PalawanPhoto from Thelma and Toby's Island Camping Adventure

Want to try camping by the beach but don’t want the hassle of pitching tents and sleeping uncomfortably? Thelma and Toby’s Island camping adventure offers glamping (aka “glamorous camping”) experience by the beach.

Their campsite features rustic tent gazebos that can easily fit two people. It also has a central hut for dining, a camp kitchen, and a small store.

You still get the “camping” experience because there is no Wi-Fi and limited hours of electricity. However, instead of sleeping on a mat, you get the luxury of a comfortable bed, complete with furniture and stunning views while sleeping under the stars.

Kayaking from Port Barton

If you’re looking for an exciting outdoor activity, you may opt to try kayaking. From Port Barton, it is possible to kayak to other neighboring islands like the Sandbar or Starfish Island since it’s just nearby. Just make sure to wear a life jacket for safety! 



Mangrove River Cruise at Inandeng River

Mangroves serve as breeding grounds for different fishes, mollusks, and crustaceans.

For a better appreciation of the roles of mangroves and see their enchanting beauty, you can explore them through a river cruise by kayaking along the Inandeng River. It is an excellent break from all the island-hopping and beach lounging. 

Trek to Waterfalls like Bigaho or Pamuayan falls

Bigaho Falls in San Vicente, PalawanAnother outdoor adventure you need to try in the Philippines is trekking to waterfalls, and San Vicente in Palawan has many of them. Bigaho waterfall is reachable through a 20-minute boat ride and a 15-minute trek.

The waterfall is around 3-stories high and drops to a cold pool of water at the bottom that's perfect for a refreshing dip on a hot and humid day out at the beach.

Pamuayan's falls are 8-meters high and take about an hour of trekking. From the Poblacion town proper, you may reach the jump-off point of Pamuayan falls through the motorcycle.

Experience the Thrill of Skydiving in Palawan

Enjoy Palawan from a bird’s eye view through an exciting skydiving experience with Skydive Greater Palawan, a member of the United States Parachute Association. Enjoy gliding through the sky while looking at the stretch of Long Beach, stunning turquoise waters, and lush forests.

Ride the Waves of Long Beach 

San Vicente already has a stunning beach, beautiful islands, and majestic waterfalls but it doesn’t end there! There’s an emerging surf spot in the Alimanguan Beach, at the northern part of Long Beach. If you like surfing, then you should check out this unknown scenic surfing spot in Palawan. 

What to Eat and Drink in San Vicente

Grilled seafood platterThe majority of restaurants and bars are centralized in Poblacion and Port Barton, with the latter being the top choice for a chill nightlife.

Most resorts also have their restaurants, but food options can be limited. It's best to plan out where you will be eating or drinking when in San Vicente. Here's a guide to help you: 

Local Cuisine

San Vicente, Palawan is blessed with different types of seafood like crabs, shrimp, and fish. One of the must-tries is what locals call pitik or slipper lobster.

You can buy this in the early morning at the public market and ask your restaurant of choice to cook it for you. Most restaurants offer it as well, but the supply is limited, and they usually run out of it by dinner time. You can have it steamed or cooked in butter and garlic.

Recommended Best Restaurants and Bars

Poblacion and Long Beach restaurants typically offer Filipino dishes while Port Barton has many restaurants offering international cuisine. Take your pick from these recommended establishments: 

Poblacion and Long Beach 

If you’re staying in the Poblacion and Long Beach area, here are some of your options for dining. Take note that the majority of these are in Poblacion or at the first parts of Long Beach.

If you’re staying in the farther part of Long Beach, you will need to ride public transportation to go to Poblacion. 

Mango Bar & Restaurant 

Located along Baywalk in Poblacion, serves some of the best garlic buttered pitik, crabs, and prawns, and grilled seafood. It’s also a cozy place to drink and relax. The budget is mid-range, and travelers recommend them not just for the food but for the excellent customer service as well. 

Farm Belle Restaurant

This Poblacion restaurant is a local favorite for their Filipino dishes. Their specialties include grilled fresh seafood. They also offer some American dishes if you’re craving for something different.

This mid-range priced restaurant also has floating cottages by Inandeng River for a relaxing view while you eat. 

Siztoms Chill out Corner

This beachfront restaurant in Alimanguan Beach serves classic Filipino favorites, fresh seafood, and vegetarian meals. Dine here during sunset for a stunning view while you eat. They're mid- to high-range priced food are highly-recommended by travelers, especially the fresh fish dishes. 

Buena’s Resto 

Another Poblacion restaurant and bar that serves Filipino and some excellent international cuisine. They also have drinks so you can hang out here at night after dinner. Travelers love their mid-range priced food are offered in set rice meals and for sharing.

Nipa Hut Grill Hauz

Located just behind the public market near the port in Poblacion is this nipa hut style restaurant that offers mid-range priced Filipino cuisine and fresh seafood dishes.

They also have a store where you can buy food souvenirs (pasalubong) like cashews. Must-try is their coconut milk-based dishes. 

Port Barton

This part of San Vicente has more restaurants and bars compared to Poblacion and Long Beach, because more tourists go here, especially foreigners. Here are some of your options if you’re staying in this part of San Vicente: 

Jambalaya Cajun Café

Dine at this quirky beachfront Port Barton restaurant that specializes in mid- to high-range priced Cajun cuisine, Thai curry, and authentic gumbo. Fresh coffee and fruit shakes are also available here. You can also use their board games and check out the book exchange for new reads.


If you want Italian cuisine instead, check out this Italian café in Port Barton that serves brick oven pizza and pasta, all made in house for high-range prices. Must-try dishes aside from the pizza and pasta are their focaccia sandwiches and power breakfast meals.

Reef Café

If you’re looking for burgers and fries in Port Barton, go here. Travelers rave about their burgers that are said to be the best in Port Barton. They also serve vegan options and are open from breakfast to dinner. Prices are mid- to high-range. 


It is a backpacker's haven in Port Barton that specializes in Filipino and other international food. They serve budget-friendly and tasty rice meals for low- to mid-range prices. Check out their breakfast choices from Filipino, American, Israeli, Spanish, to European. 

Mabuti. Eat & Chill

If you’re vegetarian, go to this cafe where they serve healthy and organic pastries, burgers and salads for mid-range prices. They bake their bread and cakes. Their signature homemade gelato will complete your meal or satisfy your sweet tooth in Port Barton. 

Tres Tequilas Resto Bar

This beachfront bar (formerly called Purple Turtle Bar) is a great hangout place for drinks with mid-range prices. They also have live music to entertain you.

If you’re drinking here with friends, a must-try is their best-seller strawberry mojito. Go here during their happy hour after your island-hopping tours. 

Practical Information and Tips

You’ll enjoy your San Vicente trip more if you’re aware of these essential travel tips. Remember that it’s a small coastal town and isn’t as developed yet as its neighboring Palawan destinations like Puerto Princesa, El Nido, and Coron. 


Payments are in Philippine Peso (PHP). Bring enough cash because there are no ATMs available in San Vicente, Palawan and most restaurants and establishments do not accept credit cards except at luxury resorts.

If you can, break your cash into smaller bills since establishments will not always have change for more significant bills. 


Filipino is the primary language of locals, but the majority can understand and speak basic English, so communication with residents will not be that difficult. 

What to Pack

There are many sand flies or small mosquitoes at night, especially near the beach. A reliable insect repellant in the form of lotions or oils is a must-bring. They usually fly in swarms, and you won't notice them immediately until you start to itch or notice your bites in the morning. 

Sample Itinerary in San Vicente

Island hopping in San Vicente, PalawanWe recommend scheduling at least four days and three nights in San Vicente so you can explore both Long Beach and Port Barton. Here's a sample itinerary that you can take inspiration from when planning your trip to cover the top tourist attractions in this Palawan destination. 

Day 1: Arrival + Bato ni Ningning

  • 1:30 PM - ETD to San Vicente Airport 

  • 2:30 PM - ETA in San Vicente Airport, ride an e-trike to resort in Long Beach

  • 3:00 PM - Check-in at the resort and get settled in

  • 4:00 PM - Hire a motorcycle and go to Bato ni Ningning

  • 6:30 PM - Dinner 

  • 8:00 PM - Drinks and socials 

Day 2: Island-Hopping 

  • 7:00 AM -  Breakfast

  • 8:00 AM - Charter an e-trike to Poblacion 

  • 9:00 AM - Start of Port Barton island-hopping tour with a side trip to waterfalls 

  • 5:00 PM - End of an island-hopping tour 

  • 6:00 PM - Dinner

  • 8:00 PM - Drinks and socials 

Day 3: Inandeng River + Port Barton

  • 6:00 AM -  Breakfast and pack-up for Port Barton

  • 7:00 AM - Charter an e-trike to Inandeng River

  • 7:30 AM - Inandeng River mangrove cruise kayaking

  • 8:30 AM - Travel to Port Barton by motorcycle 

  • 10:30 AM - Check-in at Port Barton resort 

  • 12:00 NN - Lunch and rest

  • 4:00 PM - Lounge by Port Barton beach 

  • 7:00 PM - Dinner 

  • 8:00 PM - Drinks and socials

Day 4: Long Beach + Departure 

  • 6:00 AM - Breakfast

  • 7:00 AM - Check-out of Port Barton resort 

  • 7:30 AM - Travel to Long Beach by motorcycle 

  • 8:00-11:30 AM - Lounge by Long Beach or go surfing

  • 12:00 NN - Check-out of resort and travel to Poblacion

  • 12:30 PM - Lunch and buy souvenirs 

  • 1:30 PM - Travel to the airport 

  • 3:00 - ETD to Manila

San Vicente Awaits You! 

Drone shot of Long Beach in San Vicente, PalawanAs one of the most beautiful islands in the world, Palawan is indeed full of hidden gems and beautiful beaches. This quiet town sandwiched between two trendy Palawan tourist spots is a must-visit destination if you're looking for a tropical escape and away from the crowd.

Its untouched beauty will mesmerize you and leave you wanting to go back again. Pack your swimwear and book that flight! San Vicente is waiting for you to explore its unspoiled beauty.

Start planning your trip to San Vicente, Palawan today. Research Palawan tours and activities that you can add to your itinerary for a hassle-free adventure.

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