Top 15 Iligan Tourist Spots: Waterfalls, River Rafting, Nature Parks

Top 15 Iligan Tourist Spots: Waterfalls, River Rafting, Nature Parks

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Maria Cristina Falls and tourists white water rafting

Iligan is a highly urbanized city located in Northern Mindanao and is the industrial center of Southern Philippines. It is best known for the large number of waterfalls concentrated in the area, and is aptly called the City of Majestic Waterfalls.


Aside from its many scenic Philippine waterfalls, the city of Iligan is blessed with natural attractions such as crystal clear springs and freshwater lakes. It also has its fair share of historical landmarks, heritage houses, and other places of cultural significance that include church structures and ancestral homes. For a hassle-free experience, explore these popular tourists spots when you book Iligan City tour packages.

Here are 15 of the must-visit tourist spots during your trip to Iligan that you should add to your itinerary: 



15. Sapang Blue Falls

Man sitting by the Sapang Blue Falls

Photo by @limerlion on Instagram

This hidden waterfall is located in Lanao del Norte on the outskirts of Iligan City, and the allure of this northern Mindanao tourist spot lies in its partial obscurity. Sapang Blue is not as well known as other natural attractions in the area, which lends to its road-less-traveled appeal that attracts adventurous visitors and outdoorsy tourists. 

To reach it, you’ll have to navigate your way through a tropical forest and some steep trails along the way, but once you get there, there is a lovely waterfall flowing down into a 12-foot deep river. It is a pastoral setting surrounded by lush greenery and the sound of water cascading into a shallow basin. The shallow basin is perfect for a quick dip in the water

14. Pampam Falls

Pampam Falls in Iligan City

Photo by @iamjca_92 on Instagram

This hidden waterfall is located in Lanao del Norte on the outskirts Found in Barangay Dalipuga, Iligan city, this natural attraction is the most accessible from the city at just 13KM away from the town proper. It features two waterfalls that intersect in the middle before its descent into a shallow basin beneath it. The water in the natural pool is crystal clear and refreshing, the perfect place to cool down after the 20-minute hike it takes to reach the waterfalls from the nearest jump-off point.

Before reaching the main attraction, a mini version of the falls can be found, locally known as the “Little Pampam”. There is also a cave that you can explore located nearby, a great area to enjoy nature and the forest surrounding it.   

13. Dalipuga Centennial Park

This popular local park is in Barangay Dalipuga, and has an area covering about half a kilometer from end to end. At the northern tip is a concrete wharf facing the sea, known to be a great spot to watch the sunset before nightfall. There is also a statue of the national hero Jose Rizal standing on the lawn, gazing at the lush leaves of the surrounding greenery.  

It has a rocky beach lined with ‘talisay’ trees, a type of leafy tree that serves as a shelter from the harsh rays of the midday sun. The coastline is littered with corals and sharp stones, with rough waves enveloping the shore every once in a while, so swimming is generally not recommended. 

12. Kalubihon Falls

Man swimming in the Kalubihon Falls

Photo by @gerzon_agl on Instagram

Kalubihon Falls is part of a series of waterfalls sharing the same streamline as that of Pampam Falls. Located in Barangay Dalipuga, reaching it requires agility and endurance. Wear proper hiking shoes and be prepared to not just get wet from the waterfalls but to sweat from the effort of going on an uphill climb to reach this natural attraction. 

After walking through large boulders and some slippery rocks, you’ll proceed into the mouth of a cave and wade through the 10-meter length while submerged underwater. At the end is the secret waterfall. The 30-minute trek through the forest is well worth the effort as soon as you reach your final destination: a 20-foot high waterfall hidden inside a shallow catch basin of refreshing clear water, surrounded by a wall of smooth rocks and foliage.

11. NPC Nature's Park

Man walks in NPC Nature Park's garden

Photo by @careless_artist on Instagram

This eco-tourism park can be found inside the Hydroelectric Power Plant Complex of the National Power Corporation and provides a complimentary shuttle service to allow guests to explore the facility. It highlights the importance of how the Maria Cristina Falls has helped generate hydroelectric power to benefit the community and features various tourist attractions throughout the sprawling property.

Some of the attractions include a mini zoo, bat cave, butterfly garden, crocodile farm, koi pond, and a place for the ostrich to roam the grounds. Photography enthusiasts will enjoy the viewing deck along the Agos River, and adrenaline seekers could try the rock climbing facilities nearby. A cafeteria and souvenir shop are also available inside the park. 

10. Dodiongan Falls

Dodiongan Falls in Iligan City

Towering 20 meters high in Barangay Bonbonon, this twin drop waterfall is located 14KM away from Iligan City. The water streaming downward falls against a smooth limestone formation that resembles two folded wings similar to angel wings. Classified as a chute waterfall, Dodiongan Falls cuts a striking image against the moss-covered limestones jutting out of the forest clearing, with the turquoise-colored water basin catching the water down below. 

To reach the waterfalls, you’ll need to wade through several river crossings and streams that run through its basin. Trekking shoes are highly recommended to avoid accidental slipping, and be prepared to get your feet wet on your way there. 



9. Hindang Cave

Located in the mountains of Barangay Hindang, this cave is one of the hidden tourist spots in Mindanao reachable via Barangay Kiwalan, a town less than 10KM from Iligan City. To get there, you will need to walk through a lush, pristine forest and then go on an uphill trek on the trail leading up to the cave. Expect to pass through slippery slopes, river streams, and rough pathways as this outdoor adventure require plenty of endurance, a good pair of trekking shoes, and lots of hydration.

Once you’ve braved the grueling trail, you’ll find a gaping opening where stalactites and stalagmites can are visible. The 8 cluster cave has many chambers of various sizes, some towering overhead, while others feature narrow openings and lovely uneven limestone formations. 

8. St. Michael's Cathedral

Aerial view of St. Michael's Cathedral

Photo by St. Michael's Cathedral

This Catholic church stands along the busy street corner of Manuel L. Quezon Ave and Obach street, situated right at the center of downtown Iligan City. It’s hard to miss: with this fiery pink building looming over the bustling provincial town proper, St. Michael’s Cathedral’s exterior is a far cry from the usual stone church facades of neighboring townships with deep Catholic roots. This is because unlike other old churches in Iligan, St. Michael’s was built in the 1950s after the original structure was destroyed by a flood in the 1840s. 

The current building’s exterior features a graceful steeple on its edifice, a statue of patron saint Senior San Miguel across it, and stained glass windows depicting biblical scenes around the church. Inside, the all-white ceiling, graceful arches, and intricate architecture lend a solemn atmosphere to this major archdiocese in Iligan City.

7. Villa Gracia White Water Rafting

Aside from Cagayan de Oro whitewater rafting, travelers in Iligan can now also experience this fun water adventure. Villa Gracia is a resort located in Barangay Digkilaan and is the first resort in Iligan to offer white water rafting services to the public. Just 15KM from the Iligan City town proper, the resort is beside Mandulog River, a body of water known for the 1.7KM esplanade constructed along Barangay Hinaplanon and Barangay Santiago. 

This river crossing features a wide area and white water rapids, ideal conditions to enjoy this fun outdoor activity. Thrill-seekers joining the white water rafting adventure will be equipped with safety gear that includes inflatable rafts, helmets, life vests, and paddles, along with guides to assist you throughout the trip.



6. Paseo de Santiago

Philippines sign in Paseo de Santiago

Photo by Paseo de Santiago

This seaside complex is located near Iligan’s City’s Talipapa or market in Barangay Santiago and features beautiful panoramic ocean views along the Iligan Bay. It is where you will find two iconic signs made of concrete letters that spell “Iligan City” and “Philippines”. Both are reminiscent of the famous Hollywood sign in the United States and are popular tourist spots that attract many visitors to the city.

Aside from the famous signs, this park by the sea also has a live band that plays on the stage every night, along with food stalls, open-air seating, and fresh air. It also has a resort called Casa de Paseo de Santiago that looks like a medieval castle and is a popular venue for weddings, birthdays, and other milestone celebrations.

5. Lawis Spring

Situated in Barangay Buru-un, Iligan City, it is easily accessible by public transport, making it the ideal getaway for people living in the town proper. It features an idyllic setting where a spring of clear water flows into a shallow river, with large rocks and smooth boulders forming mini pools and small waterfalls throughout the property. 

Surrounded by a lush forest where large tropical trees tower over the horizon, it offers a welcome respite from the bustling city. There are cottages for rent along the periphery and a few karaoke machines.

4. Mimbalut Falls

Mimbalut Falls in Iligan City

Photo by @faizza on Instagram

This natural attraction is a popular tourist spot where locals gather to relax and enjoy the refreshing body of water in Lawis Spring. Mimbalut Falls is found in Barangay Buru-un, 11KM away from the city proper. Because of its convenient location, it is the most accessible among the 23 waterfalls found throughout Iligan City and is also one of the Iligan tourist spots that possess unique features that continue to attract tourists to this natural attraction.

The waterfall, which is 90 feet tall and 18 feet wide, drops not into a quiet catch basin, but rather crashes into huge boulders and a collection of rocks right beneath it. The water cascades into slippery surfaces further down, creating a stunning downstream view of smaller waterfalls streaming endlessly down the river.

With the lush forest surrounding it and the peaceful sound of the water crashing into rocks, it’s a stunning sight among the northern Mindanao tourist spots.

3. Tinago Falls

People floating on raft by the Tinago Falls

This popular waterfall can be found along the 36KM long Agus River in Barangay Ditucalan, and is one of the main attractions in northern Mindanao. The word “tinago” means “hidden”, owing to its concealed location within a deep ravine that can only be reached by descending on a 500-step concrete staircase. Because of this, elderly visitors with heart conditions are advised to proceed with caution.

The 240 ft tall Tinago Falls has an abundant stream of cold water streaming out from Agus River that cascades down into a deep basin of blue water pooling at the bottom. There is a small cave beneath the falls where visitors can enter to experience the gushing water from another vantage point. 

2. Limunsudan Falls

This majestic waterfall is the second-highest in the Philippines and boasts an 870-foot drop into the base stream at the bottom. It is located in Barangay Rogongon, about 30KM away from Iligan’s city center, and has a unique two-tiered feature that enhances its pristine beauty. 

To reach it, you’ll have to navigate steep trails and narrow pathways in a thickly forested area. You’ll need to be prepared with the proper footwear and a firm resolve to get a closer look. Once you get there, you’ll see the emerald-colored water of the basin, which cascades down into a stream along a basalt cliff with huge boulders, a stunning sight to behold. 

1. Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls in Iligan City

The iconic Maria Cristina Falls stands on the Agus River. This Iligan landmark is also known as the twin falls because the water flowing downstream has a boulder at the brink, separating the cascading water at that point.

It is a little over 9KM away from the city proper and is known for its impressive height and natural splendor. This 320-foot waterfall inspired a popular legend that claims that the falls represent the tragic story of twin sisters named Maria and Cristina who fell in love with the same man. 

Legend aside, this waterfall also serves a practical purpose: it is the primary source of hydroelectric energy in Iligan, powering local industries and businesses in the region. 

Explore the Top Tourist Spots of Iligan

Iligan City's Tinago Falls

With its majestic waterfalls and refreshing spring waters, Iligan is filled with some of the best hidden natural wonders in northern Mindanao. Along with these popular tourist destinations, Iligan is all known for their version of the “lechon”, a Filipino delicacy of skewered whole pig roasted over charcoals and a must-try for visitors. 

Want to explore Iligan and the rest of the Philippines? You can see more famous attractions around the country with our Philippine travel packages.



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