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Information about Mount Susong Dalaga

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Natural Feature
Susungdalaga Mountain, San Luis, Aurora, Philippines
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10.6 km
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Mount Susong Dalaga

Mount Susong Dalaga is a natural landscape located in the municipality of Diffun, Quirino. The perfectly contoured twin hills occupy an area of 10 hectares in Barangay Rizal, in between three other barangays, namely Gundaway, Zamora, and Villamor.


Geology, History, and Surroundings

The name Mount Susong Dalaga translates to “The Maiden’s Breast Mountain” in English because it is shaped like a woman’s breast.

This particular Mount Susong Dalaga shouldn’t be confused with other conical hills bearing the same name, such as those located in Laguna de Bay’s Talim Island, Zamboanga del Sur’s Pagadian, Rizal’s Tanay, South Cotabato’s Tampakan, Bulacan’s Norzagaray, Batangas’s Lipa, Zamabales’s Olongapo City, and several others.

Mount Susong Dalaga in Quirino is also a cave system that serves as a sanctuary for bats. In the middle of the caves of Susong Dalaga lies the Ganano River, which is a flowing stream that serves as a source of water for rice fields found in the area.

The twin hills are also visible from the commercial complex of Cabarroguis, the capital town of the province of Quirino. 

Tourism travels pick up in Mount Susong Dalaga especially during the Lenten season. Around this time, local and international tourists flock to Mount Susong Dalaga for picnic and sightseeing activities. The mountains are a favorite destination among trekkers, too.

Although not fully developed, there are a number of amenities around Mount Susong Dalaga. These include cogon cottages and an agro forestry site that’s managed by the so-called Ina-ina, a religious sector who resides near the area. Construction of roadways isn’t complete yet, so it takes about a 10-minute ride from the town proper to get to Mount Susong Dalaga.

Other future plans for the improvement of the environs of Mount Susong Dalaga include the building of more cottages, a village hall, cemented steps, and rest rooms.