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Information about Landingan Viewpoint

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Landingan Viewpoint, Nagtipunan, Quirino, Philippines
Distance From City Center
6.2 km
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Landingan Viewpoint


Landingan Viewpoint sits atop a hill that provides a full view of the town of Nagtipunan in Quirino, as well as the river and verdant landscapes that run through it. Among the most notable sights you can see here is the Cagayan River, which snakes between lush valleys. Many travelers compare this site to the rolling hills of Batanes, a province in the northernmost tip of the Philippines.

As a municipality, Nagtipunan has the largest land area at 1,607.4 square kilometers, almost half of the province’s total area.

Hills and rows of mountains line the stretch of road leading to Landingan Viewpoint, so it gets steep and winding. A vast expanse of land is also covered in corn stalks since corn is one of the major produce grown by the locals. 

Many tourists bring with them a bottle of tapuy, which is Quirino’s local rice wine, to drink as they reach the top of the hill. It can be a great way of celebrating your ascent to the hill and all of its natural beauty.


Best time to visit

To avoid the hassle of being under sweltering heat and feel the coolness of the air instead, you should schedule going to Landingan Viewpoint in the early morning or late afternoon.


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