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Asin Hot Spring

Pools of Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain ResortPhoto by Palm Grove Hot Springs and Mountain Resort

The Asin Hot Spring is located in Barangay Nangalisan in Benguet. The hot water from the spring has made this area a favorite local spot especially during the colder season, which usually lasts from November to late February. The water also helps relieve certain body pains such as arthritis and fatigue, making it a perfect place to relax and destress. There are a handful of resorts in the area that feature pools with water that come from the Asin Hot Spring. Among the most popular ones are the Riverview Waterpark, the Palm Grove Hot Spring and Mountain Resort, the Pooten Resort, the Neverland Mountain Resort, and the Itogon Hot Spring Resorts.


Tickets and entry

Most of the resorts here have an entrance fee if you are only planning to take a dip in the hot spring pools. Meanwhile, the resorts typically let guests who are spending a night or two with them have access to their pools for no additional cost. 


Best time to visit

The resorts with hot spring pools are usually open to visitors all year round.