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Poctoy White Beach

Poctoy White Beach, located in the coastal town of Torrijos in Marinduque, is one of the popular beaches in the Philippines. The beach features a kilometer stretch of fine white sand and pristine blue waters that is perfect for swimming and snorkeling. The place also gives a scenic view of Mount Malindig, the highest point in the province that is famous among beginner mountain climbers. 

In Poctoy White Beach, tourists are usually welcomed with a heartwarming custom called putong. It is a traditional song and dance ritual which involves the crowning of tourists with flowers by the locals.

Like most islands in the Philippines, Poctoy White Beach is also home to good seafood like yellowfin, squid, crabs, and shrimp, which are freshly sourced daily. For a fee, visitors can have these cooked to their liking in canteens near the shoreline.

Aside from hiking Mount Malindig and snorkeling, Poctoy White Beach is also a destination for camping and kayaking. Visitors may also enjoy island-hopping to Gaspar, Melchor, and Baltazar Islands, collectively known as Tres Reyes Islands or Three Kings Islands. 

Tickets and entry

The minimum entrance fee you need to pay is PhP 25. This may vary depending on which area of the island you plan to stay at.

Best time to visit

Poctoy White Beach usually has its peak during the Holy Week because the province of Marinduque is known for its Moriones Festival, one of the country's oldest and most religious festivals, which happens during the same week. If you want fewer crowds during your trip, schedule your visit during a different period, ideally sometime in the dry months of November to May.