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Davao City
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Eden Nature Park

Eden Nature Park and Resort in Davao was named after the renowned Biblical Garden for a variety of outstanding considerations. This blissful location is a great getaway, because its serenity and tropical woods environment can certainly alleviate anyone's pressure from the pressure and sound of the crowded city — within the town. Whether you want to ruminate alone or appreciate a walk with your relatives and colleagues, you're not going to lose your own peaceful place here, because this nature park is very big to satisfy everyone. Besides fleeing the stress of the town, it also helps you flee the heat of downtown Davao. With a high elevation of 3,000 meters above sea level plus lush green plants and tall trees, this place is so cold and wet that the log cabins don't have any water conditioners— only powered motors. Our lengthy route up here requires a bunch of twists where we saw a bunch of ravines at the bottom of the highway because of its hilly terrain.



There's a ton you can do! The amphitheater is a location that generally holds unique events, especially wedding ceremony. Apart from distinctive architecture models, the site provides a broad range of crops–both growing and edible–that are genuinely eye-catching. Second is Tinubdan, a location that was constructed to give travelers a glimpse of the future. It features the house architectures, landscapes and lifestyle of the people of the past, particularly the livelihoods of the lumads who were said to be one to live in the area. There are other areas here, you just need to discover while you're moving through the different places on the chart.


Extreme Adventures

Sky cycling is in the air, 60 feet above the ground, by means of an inch cable wire, a quite difficult outdoor activity, indeed! The ride costs 200 peso per person. Sky ride, quite like a zipline, can be easily achieved by you. If you're dying, it shouldn't be a problem since it offers a great range of heart pumping rides, even if you want to go extreme.