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Information about Basilica Our Lady of Piat

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Basilica Our Lady of Piat, Piat, Cagayan, Philippines
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Our Lady of Piat

Our Lady of Piat Basilica's facadePhoto by Cagayan Tourism

The Basilica Minore of Our Lady of Piat is located in the town of Piat in the Cagayan province. It is best known for housing Our Lady of Piat, a 16th-century statue of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This Marian image of Mary is also the province's patroness and is often referred to as the "Mother of Cagayan." Along with this name, it is also called the "Black Virgin Mary" as the statue features dark brown skin. 

The church was originally constructed as a sanctuary for the image in 1623. It was eventually converted into a minor basilica by the Vatican in 1999, which made it the first basilica minore in the region and the fourth in the Philippines. 

There’s a small, two-story museum right beside the church that houses several artifacts related to the church history of the Basilica and Our Lady of Piat. Some of them are old textbooks, adorned robes, and different replica images in various shapes and sizes.  


Best time to visit

The church is open to visitors all year round.

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