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Information about St. Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral

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St. Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral

St. Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral is also known by locals as Tuguegarao Cathedral. It is
an 18th-century church located on Rizal St., Tuguegarao, Cagayan. The Cathedral is one of the largest in Cagayan Valley and it is the seat of the Roman Catholic
Archdiocese of Tuguegarao.

When the Dominican Friars came to Tuguegarao in May 1604 for a mission, Father Tomas Villa
was appointed as its first vicar. Father Villa built a temporary church made of light materials
making Saints Peter and Paul as patron saints.
In 1761, the groundbreaking of the current church was led by Father Antonio Lobato. He
started the construction of the concrete church, which was completed in 1768.
The World War II brought heavy damage to the church so it was reconstructed by Monsignor
Bishop Constance Jurgens
In 1982, the National Historical Commission of the Philippines installed a historical marker in
the Cathedral bearing a brief history of the church.

Architectural Design
The Tuguegarao Cathedral has a baroque style of architecture. This building style was popular
in the 16 th century Italy, which was representative of a theatrical fashion and dramatic intensity.
The façade of St. Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral is quite exuberant in design. It is noted
for its broken and crested pediment typical to other Cagayan churches.
The exterior of the Church is made of bricks highlighted with white columns and with a lot of
interesting details
Another interesting feature of the cathedral are the molded bricks containing different symbols
like keys, sun, moon, roosters, Marian symbols and the Dominican Order symbols and papal
tiaras found on both the interior and exterior of the church.

Other Features
To the right of the church stands a stunning five-storey quadrilateral bell tower. On top of the
bell tower is a roofed canopy and a cross. A Catholic cemetery can be found a few meters away from the cathedral. It is noted for its arched entryway and fence made of bricks.

Fun Fact
It is said that a picture of the St. Peter and Paul Metropolitan Cathedral is displayed at Rome
Basilica and is considered as one of the most beautiful works of art in the Philippines.