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Information about Blaan Village

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Blaan Village, Alegria Road, Alabel, Sarangani, Philippines
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Blaan Village

Blaan Village is a community located in the southern part of the Philippines, specifically in Sarangani, in Mindanao region. When Mindanao comes to mind, T’bolis are the popular indigenous tribe that are often mentioned, and their neighboring tribe - the Blaans. The Blaan people are an indigenous group who live in the provinces of Sarangani, South Cotabato, and Davao del Sur. 

Blaan Village is known for its rich cultural heritage, traditional crafts, and practices. The village and the people are known for their intricate weaving techniques, particularly in producing colorful fabrics using indigenous materials such as abaca fibers and natural dyes. They also engage in traditional crafts such as beadwork, basketry, and metalworking. 

Visitors to Blaan Village have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the culture of the Blaan people, learning about their traditions, participating in cultural activities, and appreciating their craftsmanship. Once you arrive at the village, the Blaan tribe will welcome you with a cultural show that includes traditional dancing, playing of musical instruments, singing and chanting. A member of the tribe will then assist you for a tour around their traditional houses.  

Explore the village to find a display of Blaan traditional attire for both men and women, ancient weapons, and colorful accessories. Immerse yourself in their traditional practice like how they make fire or stories on how they hunt and cook their food.

The village serves as a cultural hub where visitors can experience firsthand the way of life and customs of the Blaan community, contributing to the preservation and promotion of their heritage.

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How to get there

Board a plane going to General Santos International Airport. You can look for public transportation like taxis or vans, to drive you to the mountains to get to Sitio Amguo. Sitio Amguo is located in Barangay Landan, at the foot of Mt. Matutum. 

For a cheaper option, from the airport, you can also drop off at KCC Mall, and look for the terminal bound for Gumasa. Take a van going to Glan and ask the driver to drop you off at Alegado Terminal at Glan. Then from there, ride a tricycle to Gumasa. 

Another option is to go to General Santos Bulaong Terminal, and look for a bus or van going to Polomolok. Just inform the conductor to drop you off at Polomolok Terminal. 

For hassle-free visit, you can book a cultural tour to Blaan Village, so you can fully experience the culture and heritage of the Blaan people, visit nearby tourist attractions, and Mindanao tourist spots

Best time to visit

Generally, it’s best to visit Sarangani during the summer season to avoid rainfall. The best time to go to Blaan Village is during the dry and summer seasons of January to May. The Blaan tribe recommended visiting their village on clear days so tourists can witness Mt. Matutum view. 

Frequently asked questions

What is the difference between Blaan and Tboli?

The Blaan and Tboli are two distinct indigenous groups in the Philippines, each with their own unique cultures, languages, and traditions.

Is Blaan a Lumad?

Yes, Blaan is considered one of the Lumad groups in the Philippines. They are one of the 18 indigenous groups in Mindanao.

What is the language of the Blaan tribe?

The Blaan people speak their own language called Blaan. But over time, many Blaan individuals have learned to speak and understand other languages like Cebuano, Hiligaynon, Tagalog, and to some extent, Ilocano, in addition to their native Blaan language.

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