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Information about Blaan Village

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Blaan Village, Alegria Road, Alabel, Sarangani, Philippines
Distance From City Center
413 m
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Blaan Village


If Mindanao comes to mind, T’bolis are the popular indigenous tribe that are often mentioned. Join this tour to shed light to their neighboring tribe - the Blaans. With culture and traditions just as rich as T’bolis, a day tour to Lamlifew Village is a great way of educating and preserving their rich heritage for the future generations. 

Your tour will start with a brief trekking that includes some creek crossing. Once you arrived at the village, the Blaan tribe will welcome you with a cultural show that includes traditional dancing, playing of musical instruments, singing and chanting. A member of the tribe will then assist you for a tour around their traditional houses.

Explore the village to find a display of Blaan traditional attire for both men and women, ancient weapons, and colorful accessories. Immerse yourself in their traditional practice like how they make fire or stories on how they hunt and cook their food. Next, lunch will be served traditionally with an anahaw leaf bowl, which is amazingly spill-proof and eco-friendly. 

Another highlight of the tour is a chance to practice their traditional way of creating handmade and beautiful beadworks. Next, the weaving center where you can watch the weaving of the tabih cloth straight from the Blaan women. Seeing this traditional practice will help you understand and appreciate how delicate the process of weaving is. Since these practices are handmade, expect that no products are made exactly similar which adds to its charm. There is a shop nearby that sells handmade beaded necklaces and bracelets if you want to purchase and support their heritage. 

With the support of the local government, the Lamlifew Village aims to preserve and promote the rich culture and lifestyle of the Blaans.

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