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Information about Bulabog Beach

79 Google reviews
Bulabog Beach, Malay, Philippines
Distance From City Center
269 m
High Season
Family Friendly
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Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach

Bulabog Beach is just the perfect spot for those who would like a more serene experience and veer away from the party crowd that Boracay is known for. Most tourists would immediately head to White Beach once they set foot on the pristine white sands of the island. Venture into the east coast part of Boracay and you will find the peace and quiet you’ve been looking for in your beach vacation.

Bulabog is located just 700 meters from White Beach. It’s near enough to enjoy the perks of the more crowded White Beach but far enough to keep the rowdiness at bay. There are only handful accommodations in Bulabog which contributes to the appeal to the Zen-seekers. The winds are strong at this part of Boracay, which makes it perfect for kite and wind surfing. Bulabog has become a haven for wind and kite surfers.

Granted, the sands here in Bulabog is not as pretty as White Beach – the grains are more hard-packed and not as white and the beach is narrower. The water is not ideal for swimming due to the presence of seaweed and sewage pipes. But the beach is abundant with coconut palms which add to the chill factor of the area. 

Activities and Things to Do

Going to the beach is free. You can take kite surfing and windsurfing lessons. Of course, there are the usual water activities. You can do snorkeling, scuba diving, and more. There are lots of schools lined up at the beach so feel free to shop around and compare rates. You can save money on wind or kite surfing by bringing your own equipment and not pay for rentals.