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Information about Cabo Beach

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Cabo Beach, Coron, Palawan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
3.8 km
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Cabo Beach

Cabo Beach is a quiet and secluded beach in Coron. It is private and a good place for people who want to unwind and relax away from the sounds of the busy streets of the city. It is a good location for people who would like to enjoy walking on the sand or go for a swim instead of planning to go on an island hopping trip.

As Cabo Beach is far from the center of Coron town proper, one can have a private beach experience without having to pay a premium price. Foreigners frequent Cabo Beach but there’s no shortage of locals as well. Visitors take pleasure lying on the sand along the shoreline to bask under the heat of the sun in order to achieve the perfect tan they desire.


How to get there

The beach is approximately 8 kilometers from the Town Proper of Coron. To pay a visit to Cabo Beach, it is highly suggested to rent one of the following means of transportation: a motorcycle, a tricycle or a van. The choice would depend on the number of people in a group. The ride from the Coron Town Proper to the beach itself is around a half-hour drive. 


Best time to visit

This is an all-year round destination but avoid visiting during the rainy season as it might affect your experience.


Entrance fee

There is a small entrance fee to enter the beach. In addition, beach umbrellas are available for rent for a small fee as the beach itself is an ideal location for picnics, and would offer some shade from the sun.

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