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Information about Calawag Mountain Resort

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Calawag mountain resort, Tibiao, Antique, Philippines
Distance From City Center
2.7 km
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Calawag Mountain Resort

A stay at Calawag Mountain Resort is mostly included in the bucket list when a group of family and friends would like to visit provinces near Boracay. This one-of-a-kind mountain resort offers different activities ideal for someone who’s looking for a relaxing ambiance and thrilling vibes. With the resort’s nature and adventure ambiance, this is a must-visit for anyone as it does not only offer their services, but the free amazing views of nature is included in this resort.



Located in Tibiao, Antique, Calawag Mountain Resort offers accommodation with their unique tree houses for guests who would love to spend a day or more exploring the different activities offered in the resort and what Antique province has to offer in general.

The resort usually offers different relaxing services such as body massage, body scrub, and they even have a fish spa to clear out the dead cells in your skin.

One of the popular activities is the Kawa Hot Bath, where guests will take a bath to a big pan (known as Kawa) that usually gives the viewers an idea that people who takes a Kawa bath are being cooked alive due to the heating properties along the bath experience. The Kawa baths are always done outside, overlooking the Tibiao River that adds up a relaxing ambiance.

For adventure seekers, the resort offers extreme water adventures such as Water Tubing and Water Kayaking that lets the visitors enjoy the waters with thrilling experience of the Tibiao River.


Nearby Attractions

Due to its rich water and land resources, most visitors are always amazed on the different nature-made attractions found in Antique. Local and mostly foreign visitors also pays a visit to Bugtongbato Falls, a multi-layered waterfalls that offers a unique view with a wonder of nature as there will be a short trek to reach the said waterfalls.

There are also nearby island that most Antiquenos recommend for people to visit which are the Marrison and Seco Islands.