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Information about Chavayan Village

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Chavayan, Sabtang, Batanes, Philippines
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13.9 km
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Chavayan Village

Chavayan Village is one of the smallest villages in the Sabtang Island. The site is situated between the mountain ranges and the open sea. Farming and fishing are the primary sources of livelihood of the Ivatans residing here.

The road going to the village is the same road going out. There are no commercial buildings and cellular site around the area, and the life of the locals here are preserved and traditional.

What To See

Chavayan Village is one of the most well-preserved towns in Batanes, together with Savidug Village. The most prominent feature of the village is the small hut that serves as the shelter for the Sabtang Weavers Association and where visitors can rent a vakul for a photo op. Vakul is a headgear made out of abaca fiber used by women to protect themselves from the sun, rain, and wind.

Aside from the vakul, there are other handicrafts made out of grasses and palm trees displayed at the shed. Some of the crafts are abaca bags, purses, home decorations, and the Chavayan-made sandals called "chavayanas."

The primary dwelling of the locals in the village are stone houses lined along the narrow street, some of which are already more than 100 years old. The thick walls are made using powdered limestone and corals, while the roofs are made of thatched cogon grass.

The edifices are considered Sinadumparan type of stone houses, one of the three classes of stone houses on Batanes. This style was introduced by the Spaniards when they landed in the province during the late 1800s.

The concrete pavement in the village is paralleled, forming a reversed letter U. At the end of the road is a chapel, the only church in Batanes with a cogon roof.

At the edge of the town is a beach where the sand is a mixture of gravel and small stones. The waves here are as aggressive as the rest of the waves around the island.

Nearby Attractions

Some of the nearby attractions from Chavayan Village are Chamantad Tiñan Viewpoint, one of the most popular viewing area that provides a view of the Chamantad cove; and the Morong Beach that is popular for its Nakabuang Arch.