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Boat docking area by Kayangan Lake

Coron, one of the Philippines' best places to visit, is best renowned for world-class WWII wreck diving, but it also has limestone karst landscapes, stunning beaches, aquamarine freshwater lakes, and coral reefs near the surface.

Coron is a series of islands isolated from the main island of Palawan. The Calamian Archipelago in Northern Palawan is home to all of these islands.It provides a wealth of exciting activities, including both land and water attractions.

Take a boat to the beautiful islands for excellent snorkeling, scuba or wreck diving, and beach camping. Hike up a mountain for a spectacular sunset or take a bath in a hot spring.

There are a few well-established package excursions that allow tourists to swiftly join up with other travelers to view some of Coron's most popular tourist attractions. For a comfortable and hassle-free island-hopping journey, these trips usually include pick up and drop-off in downtown Coron, lunch, and boat transfers.


Best time to visit

Coron's weather is pleasant since it has a consistent tropical temperature, making it a great spot to visit throughout the summer months.

Weather in Coron

Coron has two distinct seasons. The dry season, which lasts from November to May, is the first. The rainy season, which lasts from July through September, is the second.

Peak Season in Coron

If you're planning a trip to Coron for its beautiful beaches, travel during the dry season. You'll be able to enjoy aquatic sports like snorkeling and diving without having to worry about the activity being canceled due to inclement weather. However, it tends to get crowded so plan your trip well.

Main festival/events in Coron

Coron is also known to celebrate Kasadyaan Festival. The celebration honors St Augustine, the town's patron saint. Cultural displays, sporting games, dancing competitions, and other activities are used by the Coron residents to demonstrate their thanks.


Aerial view of Bulog Dos Island's sandbar

How to get to Coron

Coron is easily accessible via two modes of transportation: aircraft and ferries. The Busuanga Airport is their primary airport for flights. Ferries go back and forth to their main pier, the Uson Island Public Pier, for ferry routes. With so many alternatives, it's easier than ever to get the most out of Coron.





Safety in Coron

Always observe the instructions when it comes to COVID-19 to avoid health issues and infections. When you go outside, always wear a mask and wash your hands thoroughly. Coron is a densely populated province with beaches and land attractions, which means it is frequently congested especially on weekends. Always keep your belongings near to you and be mindful of your surroundings.


Getting around Coron

Use public transportation to get around in Coron.Its main town is somewhat modest, and its streets are not as crowded as those of other tourist attractions in the country. Tricycles and motorbikes/scooters are the primary sources of mobility.

Most travelers prefer motorcycle taxis, also known as habal-habal, since they can go from one location to another much faster. These are simple to recognize because they are parked in the town area or driving around searching for passengers. These may be booked for a single drop-off or for a full-day trip throughout town.

If you're visiting Coron with a small party, it's advisable to hire a van for a guided tour.


Food and Drinks

When it comes to local food, Coron does not disappoint. When visiting this side of Palawan, the delicacy tamilok, which is made from woodworms gathered and served in kinilaw style, is a must-try.

Similar to ceviche, it is a procedure in which raw fish is cooked in vinegar. Crocodile sisig, for example, is made with crocodile meat that has been seasoned with onion and chili peppers. Danggit lamayo, a fresh, dried rabbitfish seasoned in vinegar, pepper, and garlic, is well worth trying.


Best Neighborhoods to Stay in Coron

Coron is a first-class municipality in Palawan with a total of 23 barangays. The majority of Coron's hotels and tourist attractions are located in the city proper. The major island of Coron is Busuanga, which is separated into two coasts: west and north.