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Information about Gallery of Philippine Presidents

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The Gallery of the Philippine Presidents

The Gallery of the Philippine Presidents is an outdoor attraction that features all the former
presidents of the country. Their faces are engraved as works of art. The gallery is located along
Lucia Street in the walled city of Intramuros Manila. 

The Gallery of the Philippine Presidents is located at Intramuros Manila, a place known for its
historical value. It holds with it the country’s rich past and culture. Many events took place in the
walled city, and as time went by, it was preserved and later became a tourist destination that
gives its guests a background on what has occurred in the past. A walk in the park along the
streets of Intramuros, is like a trip down the memory lane of the Philippines. 

What to See 
The gallery is made as commemoration to all Philippine presidents and their contributions to the
country. There you can see Emilio Aguinaldo, the first president of the Philippines; Manuel L.
Quezon, the president of the commonwealth of the Philippines; Jose P. Laurel, first president
from the city of Batangas; Sergio Osmena, the first president to replace predecessor upon death;
Manuel Roxas, the last president of the commonwealth and the first of the republic;
Elpidio Qurino, a lawyer and an ethnic Ilocano President; Ramon Magsaysay, the first president
to swear his oath wearing the barong tagalog; Carlos P. Garcia, a Filipino teacher and a poet
before his presidency; Diosdado Macapagal,a native of Lubao, Pampanga, and a poet of the
Spanish and Chinese Language; Ferdinand Marcos, who ruled as a dictator under martial law
from 1972 to 1981; Corazon Aquino, the first female president; Fidel Ramos, a retired military
general; Joseph Estrada, first president from the showbiz industry; Gloria Macapagal Arroyo,
daughter of former president Diosdado Macapagal; Benigno Aquino, son of former president
Corazon Aquino, and Benigno Aquino.