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Information about Ganano Falls

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Tourist Attraction
Ganano Bridge, Alicia, Isabela, Philippines
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Ganano Falls

Ganano Falls is located in Baguio Village in the town of Diffun in the province of Quirino. It is one of the frequently visited falls in the province, alongside Pensal Falls, Nantugaw Falls, and Batum Baket Water Falls, to name a few. The falls had started to gain attention in the past years and had attracted a handful of visitors to the area. 



Ganano Falls is a soaring 80-meter high waterfall, which could be the tallest in the Cagayan Valley region. It is mainly known for its unique view as its ice-cold water pours down into crannies of small rocks on the higher part before dropping into a chair-like stone formation at the bottom, splitting the water to more torrents and creating numerous pools and catch basins. In order to reach one of the catch basins, one must climb the slithery, moss-covered rocks that are about two to three stories from the ground. 


What To Expect

Before anyone can reach the falls, one must go on an hour-long trek. The starting line will be a hanging bridge, surrounded by lush vegetation. You would then cross several rivers, pass uphill trails, ascend big boulders, and walk past patches of vegetables as well as private houses on the mountain ranges.


Expect slippery and giant rocks along the way and prepare for fast currents and intense rock climbing. Despite the challenging trails, the area is dotted with numerous wild plants and flowers and generally diverse wildlife. 


What To Do

After a challenging trek, a refreshing bath will be waiting for you at the falls. Ganano Falls rewards travelers with cool water that they can enjoy. A nice picnic can also be done while enjoying the green surrounding and the solitude the place offers. The view at the falls will make the trip worth it.