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Information about Nantugaw Falls

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Nantugaw Falls

Nantugaw Falls is one of the waterfalls hidden in the forest of Baguio Village in Diffun, Quirino. This natural wonder is mostly mistaken as Ganano Falls, but they are not the same. Ganano Falls is an 80-meter-high waterfall producing an enormous amount of water, forming a handful of offspring, and one of which is Nantugaw Falls.

This gem features layered rocks similar to a staircase, where the water runs freely and creates a pool at the bottom. While its waters come from the towering Ganano Falls, Nantugaw Falls is a shorter version of the former and stands at less than a half of the former.


What to Expect

Reaching Nantugaw Falls is not an easy trek. Expect plenty of challenging routes along the way, such as crossing rivers and streams, rock climbing, going through bamboo trees, as well as enduring fast currents and giant rocks.

On the way, you would walk past a fall called Sabangaran Falls. A few hundred meters from Sabangaran is the Nantugaw Falls. Nantugaw Falls can be easily recognized by the giant boulder that greets the visitors. That giant rock is where the fall derived its name – Nantugaw or “sit” – the block sitting on top of the cascade.


What to Do

The pool at the bottom of Nantugaw Falls created by the cascading water is as wide as the width of a river. Hence, there is enough space for anyone who would like to go for a refreshing swim in Nantugaw. The lush vegetation surrounding the falls, make the water appear green, and is perfect for photo-ops.


Nearby Attractions

As mentioned, Sabangaran Falls lies just one hundred meters away from Nantugaw. Sabangaran soars only three meters high, has a vast pool at the bottom with water that is cold yet inviting. The closer one swims toward the fall, the deeper the pool gets.