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Information about Governor's Rapids

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Governor's Rapids, Maddela, Quirino, Philippines
Distance From City Center
7.4 km
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Governors rapids

For the adventure seeker, and simple tourist alike. The governor’s rapids in the town of Maddela which is a part of a tributary of the Cagayan River. It features astonishingly clear water which rightfully earned it the award of being amongst the cleanest inland bodies of water in the totality of the Cagayan Valley. The landscape is filled with the towering limestone formations that are breathtakingly beautiful and looks more like a desktop screensaver than real life. Rock shelters are also notable, these were formed by the constant erosion caused by the river and it is where the indigenous people or Dumagat take refuge in times of unbearably harsh weather. 



One might be wondering why it’s called “Governor's Rapids.”As the story goes, during the Second World War, when the province was under the administration of a Japanese governor. Road networks were basic and not yet developed hence the rivers were used as the main and preferred choice of transport through the valley. It has been told that the rapids claimed the life of the Japanese governor whose body was never found after a tragic accident. Ever since that incident, the river has been dubbed as the Governor's Rapids.


What To Do

For the daring adventurers and visiting tourists, the locals of Quirino made the river suitable for kayaking, fishing and swimming. Freshwater eels locally called igat and other freshwater fishes flourish in abundance in the river’s clear waters providing livelihood to local fishermen. You may also hire a boat and local guides who will gladly offer to give you a river cruising tour, they are well trained and familiar with the ins and outs of the rapids. Governor's Rapids is also ideal for whitewater rafting but during rainy season, cottages are also available for visitors who just want to enjoy the view.