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Information about Siitan Nature Park

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Tourist Attraction
Siitan Nature Park, Nagtipunan, Quirino, Philippines
Distance From City Center
1.1 km
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Siitan Nature Park

Siitan Nature Park is Quirino Province’s tourist spot that showcases the Siitan River and Bimmapor Rock Formation as its main attractions. The site is part of Nagtipunan town, a first-class municipality of Quirino bordering the province of Aurora.


Geology and History

Siitan River, which forms a big part of the Siitan Nature Park, got its name from the Ilocano word “siit” which describes the once-upon-a-time thorny riverbanks of Siitan River. Siitan River connects to the grand Cagayan River, known for being one of the cleanest bodies of inland water in the Philippines. 

In the same manner, Siitan River has crystal clear waters, especially during the summer months. Its water level tends to be at its highest starting from September all the way to February. During this time, many parts of the river banks are submerged.

Siitan River is flanked by lush vegetation and rocky walls of limestone, the most notable of which is the enormous ship-like Bimmapor Rock Formation. Its name is derived from the Filipino word “bapor” due to its resemblance to a ship’s hull. This rock outcrop stretches some 2 kilometers, and along with it, stones of varying colors and sizes dot the river banks.


Things to See and Do in Siitan Nature Park

Siitan Nature Park is made up of areas that are conducive for river cruising, rock formation sightseeing, cliff diving, and swimming.

To cruise Siitan River, you can either ride wooden boats called balasyan, or do water tubing. The former involves sitting on a tire’s inner tube while a motorized boat pulls you along the waters.

During the cruise, you can make a stop on the shallow parts of the river for a swim, without having to worry about getting left behind since kayaks go back and forth to take tourists upstream. There are also drop-off points for picnic areas as well as for cliff diving.

You can also arrange a few other activities, like overnight camping, rock climbing, and rappelling with your tour guide or operator.