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Information about Historic Camalig Restaurant

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Historic Camalig Restaurant (The Home of Armando's Pizza: Ang Pambansang Pizza), Dalan Sto Rosario, Angeles, Pampanga, Philippines
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07:00 - 00:00
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231 m
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Historic Camalig Restaurant

The Historic Camalig Restaurant is an ancestral grain granary turned into a heritage restaurant in Pampanga. The restaurant is located at the bustling Sto. Rosario Street in Angeles City, right at the heart of the metropolis.  

Camalig is a must-visit for residents and tourists alike for them to have a glimpse of the city’s history and culture through its architecture and interior that have withstood the test of time. Its highlights, of course, are the delightful delicacies that make case for Pampanga as the culinary capital of the Philippines. 



Camalig was built in 1840 by the city’s first mayor Don Ciriaco de Miranda mainly as a farm shed of light materials. The city’s first post-colonial mayor Capitan Juan Nepomuceno upgraded it in the early 1900s to its present form.

Armando Nepomuceno, the owner’s father, inherited the building. In 1980, he relocated his pizzeria called Armando’s Pizza to the old camalig. That is the reason why the restaurant is also dubbed as the “The Home of Armando’s Pizza.”



The restaurant is famous for its Armando’s Pizza, dubbed as “Ang Pambansang Pizza.” Named after the owner’s father, the pizza is topped with generous portions of pepperoni, ground beef, green pepper, mushroom and Canadian bacon. Its handmade artisan dough baked to crispy-crust perfection and richly thick sauce slow-cooked for six hours make Armando’s Pizza one-of-a-kind. 

Diners also rave about Doy’s Kapampangan, which is topped with Kapampangan longganisa, salted duck egg, onion and pickle relish as well as Marco’s 3-Way, which has sun-dried tomatoes and kesong puti in tuyo, tinapa and chicken adobo flavors.

Camalig also offers authentic authentic Pampanga Sisig—which has pig’s head, liver, onions and seasoned with calamansi and chilli peppers—as well as chicken wings and pasta dishes to complement their pizzas. 

It also serves Kamias Shake, with the fruits used freshly-picked in the backyard. The refreshing beverage has the perfect balance of sweet and sour. 


Architecture and design 

Camalig gives off an old world charm with its wood trusses, wrought iron window grills and adobe walls. Age-old photographs and relics such as handwoven baskets, potteries, books and sculptures are scattered throughout the restaurant. 

Its dim halls have wooden tables and red chair. The restaurant also has a landscaped patio where one may dine, drink and unwind.