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Information about House of Dakay

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Tourist Attraction
House of Dakay, Ivana, Batanes, Philippines
Distance From City Center
6.1 km
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House of Dakay

House of Dakay is said to be the oldest stone house existing in Batanes and considered as a UNESCO Heritage Building. Located in the town of San Jose de Ivana in Batan Island, the structure has remained intact over the years.

The edifice was built similar to the other houses in the old villages of the province. The walls are thick and are made up of stone and lime. Its roof is composed of cogon grass which is approximately 1/3 of a meter thick and lasts for 25 to 30 years. The roof is replaced every 30 years since 1917.

The Ivatans call the house as Vahay ni Dakay which was named after the family who once resided there. As the caretaker, Lola Idan. is the most photographed personality in Batanes and has appeared together with the home in magazines including Reader's Digest. In January 2014, she passed away.


How to get there

You can use your motorcycle, bicycle, tricycle, or walk towards House of Dakay in Ivana, Batan.


Best time to visit

It is an all-year-round destination that can be visited anytime of day.

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