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Information about Madge Cafe

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Madge Cafe, Cor. Rizal-Huervana Sts., La Paz, Iloilo City, Iloilo, Philippines
Opening Hours
05:30 - 12:30
Distance From City Center
0.7 km
High Season
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Family Friendly
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Madge Cafe

Coffee in Madge Cafe in Iloilo

What a better way to start your day in Iloilo, than a sip of a freshly brewed coffee from the iconic coffee shop of Madge Cafe. 

Tucked inside the La Paz Public Market, the famous Madge Cafe is dubbed as the oldest coffee shop in Iloilo City offering a community hub and bringing pride to the people of Iloilo. 

Known for its authentic coffee, Madge Cafe was established in 1940 by Vicente de la Cruz, naming it after his wife, Magdalena de la Cruz. Decades have passed and their passion for coffee grew stronger. Now, the coffee shop is being managed by their grandson, Peter de la Cruz who continued the family’s legacy of concocting freshly brewed coffee that still tastes like its pre-war coffee version in the 40s.

The Cafe sources their delicious and aromatic native Arabica coffee beans from the Northern part of Iloilo as well as from Guimaras Island, which they roast themselves. Guests can witness how coffees are made the tradional way, the same way from when Madge Cafe started. Their staffs happily demonstrate the step-by-step procedure on how they prepare your own coffee, using a kettle on one hand and a cloth strainer on the other. Once the freshly brewed coffee is filtered, the barista will pour your aromatic coffee to the mugs or to an empty milk cans for take-out orders, which tourists keep as a souvenir item. 

Madge Cafe offers freshly brewed coffee that varies from three variations: mild, regular, and strong, which can be served black or with milk. In its own way of innovating and reaching to the younger generation, Madge Cafe introduce their own iced coffee which is also perfect when partnering with their pastries and native goodies.

Aside from their aromatic and freshly brewed coffee, and delectable pastries, Madge Cafe’s notable part is its homey and laidback appeal that has attracted local and tourists from all walks of life. It has a corner that features newspaper and magazines of movie stars, celebrities, famous personalities, and travellers who visited the cafe from the past decades. The cafe also display painted and customized mugs personalized by their regular customers. 


How to get there

Ride a jeepney or tricycle bound for La Paz Public Market. Once there, you'll see Madge Cafe.


Best time to visit

This coffee shop is open from 5 AM to 7 PM daily.