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Information about Masjid al-Dahab

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822 Globo de Oro St, Quiapo, Manila, 1001 Metro Manila, Philippines
Opening Hours
Monday: Open 24 hours; Tuesday: Open 24 hours; Wednesday: Open 24 hours; Thursday: Open 24 hours; Friday: Open 24 hours; Saturday: Open 24 hours; Sunday: Open 24 hours
Distance From City Center
0.8 km
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Masjid Al Dahab


The Golden Mosque, otherwise known as the Masjid al-Dahab, is located in the abundantly Muslim section of the district of Quiapo in Manila, Philippines and is considered to be the largest mosque in Metro Manila. It is constructed with a dome, and the Golden Mosque is painted dominantly in gold. 



The mosque is mainly located in Quiapo because of the numerous Muslims residing in the area, as well as in Binondo near Quiapo. At the end of Globo De Oro Street, whose name means "Golden Globe," stands the Golden Mosque. The mosque is large enough to accommodate 3,000 worshippers. Usually the mosque is packed full every Friday noon during the Islamic day of worship. The mosque's minaret is currently rusted. And to preserve and maintain its beauty, the mosque is currently under renovation.


What To See

Aside from the Mosque, you can also visit varieties of shopping stalls around the area. From low cost clothing stores to different food spots, you can easily walk around and get the product that you desire. In the area, you can also visit the Quiapo Church where the Black Nazarene is located. You can also drop by the Ocampo Pagoda which is known for its combination of European and Oriental structural design. In addition, you can also have a glimpse of the Bahay Nakpil Bautista that was historically the home of Gregoria De Jesus, the widow of the Filipino hero in the name of Andres Bonifacio.



A mix of foreign and local influences is incorporated in the mosque. Its dome and former minaret are patterned after structures in the Middle East, whereas its geometric designs borrow a great deal from the colors and variations of Maranao, Maguindanao, and Tausug art. The Golden Mosque's style and design is very much in line with typical Arab architecture; pointed arches, multitudes of columns, gold finishes, ornate iron works, colorful mosaic walls, dome and minarets.