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Information about Quiapo

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Sublocality Level 1
Quiapo, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
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Quiapo is one of the many districts in the city of Manila. Its unique name is derived from a type of water cabbage that is called “Kiapo” in tagalog. More than just a mere district, Quiapo is also considered as the “Old Downtown Manila.” The place is also popularly known for its marketplace where bargain hunting is a thing.  


What to See

One of the most famous sites around Quiapo is the Quiapo Church, where you can find the Black Nazarene, the dark wooden statue of Jesus Christ that is believed to deliver miracles and blessings to its devotees. Another spot to see is the Plaza Miranda, which is just located right in front of the Quiapo Church.

Here, you can see fortune telling and faith healing services alongside with herbals and amulets for sale that are said to protect its holders from evil forces. The Golden Dome Mosque is also a go to place in the area. Quiapo is also known for its large Muslim Community, which was built in the 1970’s intended for the country visit of the former Libyan Leader Muammar al-Gaddafi.

On the other side, you can also see the Ocampo Pagoda, it is said to be an example of the east meets west architecture, as its construction is a combination of European and Oriental style. Another place you should not miss is the Bahay Nakpil Bautista. Constructed by Arcadio Arellano in the year 1914. Historically, it is known to be the home of Gregoria De Jesus, the widow of the Filipino hero Andres Bonifacio.



In the 1970’s, Quiapo is an area where the activities of the Manila social elites take place. It shared its status as the center for fashion, arts and trade in the metro. Quiapo’s rich culture and history is best remembered when you experience going around the area.