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Information about Nakabuang Arch

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Distance From City Center
12.4 km
Unnamed Road, Sabtang, Batanes, Philippines
Natural Feature

Nakabuang Arch

Sabtang Island is a popular place near Batanes. This is one of the Batanes chain of islands on the North Luzon coast three populated islands.
Nakabuang Beach, known as White Sand, is perfect white, rosy and Boracay-like. The crystals clear water will give the visitors a refreshing experience on the island and the panoramic and panoramic views of the beach, especially the Nakabuang ark, the most photographed place on the beach, are also available.
Cottages are available close to the beach and the local Ivatan foods served on the nito plate can be tasted. Tourists can also take a beach picnic and enjoy the beautiful white beach countryside. Because of its panoramic views, fresh air, walks along the beach and the sea life in the beach, the white beach even reached CNN's "17 beaches to go" list.
From Manila to Basco, Batanes, you can explore the glorious Nakabuang Beach by sea. From Basco you can visit the island of Batan before you go to the island of Sabtang and get ready to take Falowa at 6:30 am in the port of San Vicente. When tourists can not reach Falowa for 30 minutes, they can wait for ferry trips to Sabtang directly. When tourists enter Sabtang Island, they can hire a local car to Nakabuang Beach.
The Sabtang Island white beach is certainly a place to enjoy tourists' paradise, the nearest to Heaven, that it is said to be.