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Information about Pandacan

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1253c Labores, Pandacan, Manila, 1011 Metro Manila, Philippines
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Pandacan is part of the sixth district of Manila in the National Capital Region. It is located on the southwest side of the island of Luzon, flanked by the southern banks of the Pasig River on its north and northeast section, across the district of San Miguel district and Santa Ana on the east. 

The name Pandacan is derived from a place called “Pandanan”, which in turn is named after the pandan plant, a fragrant, edible species endemic in the area. 

Today it is known mainly as a place where oil depots are located, but the presence of important monuments and buildings serve to remind us  that this 300 year old town has a rich cultural significance in Philippine history. 


Little Venice of the 19th Century 

Because its topography surrounded by river crossings, creeks, canals and estuaries leading up to the Pasig River, Pandacan was often referred to as “Little Venice” or “Little Italy”. This idyllic surroundings inspired numerous artists to create music and other literary masterpieces that have richly contributed to Philippine art and culture, the most famous of which is Francisco Balagtas. 

Francisco Balagtas was living in Pandacan when he wrote the Filipino classic epic, Florante at Laura. 


Hometown of Historical Figures

Aside from Balagtas, other prominent names include musician Ladislao bonus, playwrights Miguel Masilungan and Pantaleon Lopez, language theorist Lope K. Santos, the martyr priest Jacinto Zamora, and Apolinario Mabini.

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