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Information about Teodoro San Luis Street

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1254 T San Luis St, Pandacan, Manila, Pandacan, Manila, 1011 Metro Manila, Philippines
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Teodoro San Luis Street


Teodoro San Luis street in Pandacan, Manila is located right next to the Estero de Pandacan or estuary. Due to its close proximity to the body of water, one of the oldest districts in the country began in this location, having been an established community dating back to 1574.

Pandacan has been called “little Italy” during the 19th century because just like Venice, it had numerous canals leading up to the Pasig river. Another reason it was touted as such can be attributed to the fact that literary figures and talented musicians also flourished during that era. 

Today, a reminder of Pandacan’s rich cultural past can be found in the area, where monuments of important historical figures and ancestral houses can be found, especially along this street. 


Ancestral Homes

Located at the corner of Jesus and San Luis streets, centrally located across the Sto. Nino de Pandacan church is a well known ancestral home owned by the cousin of former first Lady Imelda Marcos. 

The Romualdez Mansion is said to belong to Daniel Romualdez, a prominent politician with the position of cabeza de barangay during the Spanish colonial period. 

Another noteworthy heritage home located on the same storied street is the Thelmo Home, an house said to be originally owned by the first female lawyer in the Philippines, Justice Natividad Alemda-Lopez. Built before World War 2, the 800 square meter lot stood out when it was first erected because it was the only property of its size and scale at the time.


Notable Historical Figures

A marker honoring Ladislao Bonus can also be found along San Luis Street. He was the Father of Filipino Opera, a composer and musician born and raised in Pandacan.

A monument honoring Fr. Jacinto Zamora is located along San Luis street, in memory of the martyr’s role in upholding the rights of Filipino priests during the Spanish colonial period.