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Information about Pandalihan Cave

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Unnamed Road, Mabinay, Negros Oriental, Philippines
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Pandalihan Cave

Mabinay Caves, one of the country's most famous caves, is situated in the province of Negros Oriental, in the Municipality of Mabinay, the acclaimed cave town. Among the 400 caves, there are around 100 known caves, 50 of which were found years ago by a foreign team. The Pandalihan Cave, also known as the Marriage Cave, is a simple cave that people may explore without any special equipment. Wedding rituals were observed beneath the open big roof of the main hall. The cave is full of fascinating millipedes and bird nests. Millipedes have a 1.5 cm diameter and can grow to be 25 cm long. Millipedes are quiet by nature, but when disturbed, they expel a purple substance that stains the skin.

Best time to visit

Pandalihan Cave is an all-year-round destination and can be visited anytime of the year.

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