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Information about Puerta Real Gardens

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Nature Park, Cultural attractions
Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines
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Puerta Real Gardens

The Puerta Real Gardens is located within Intramuros, Manila, a place very much rich in history. The Puerta Real is one of the Gates of Intramuros. The Gates of Intramuros refer to the original gates

of the so-called “Walled City” of Intramuros in Manila. These were built at the time of the Spanish

Colonial Era in the Philippines. “Puerta” is the Spanish word which means “gate”. Thus, “Puerta

Real” literally translates to “Royal Gate”.

The original Puerta Real was built in 1663. This gate was located at the end of General Luna Street,

which was known as Calle Real de Palacio during that time. It was exclusively used by the Governor-

General for state occasions. Puerta Real faced the old village of Bagumbayan, which is now

commonly known as Luneta. It is also popularly known as the Rizal Park. It was named after the

Philippine National Hero, Dr. Jose Rizal, who was sentenced to death through an execution via firing

squad at the said location.

This gate was located west of Baluarte de San Andres. In the British Invasion of 1762, the gate was

destroyed along with the removal of the village. In 1780, Puerta Real was moved further west to its

present location. This was done as part of the new defense plan for Intramuros. The gate was

damaged during the Battle of Manila in the year 1945. In 1969, the Puerta Real was restored.

Additional work was also made in the year 1989.



The Puerta Real Gardens is a large outdoor venue surrounded by 18th century stone walls. It is also

the home to a lot of tropical greens and coconut palms. The area is large enough to accommodate a

maximum of one thousand people. The Puerto Real Gardens is an ideal event venue for several

types of open air garden functions. These functions include anniversary parties, birthday parties,

corporate events, debut celebrations, and wedding receptions.