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Information about San Pablo Island

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San Pablo Island, Hinunangan, Philippines
Distance From City Center
4.5 km
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San Pablo Island

San Pablo Island in Leyte

The southern islands of San Pedro and San Pablo off the coasts of Hinunangan are tiny 'twin' islands, named after the patron saint of the region. These two islands offer a beautiful, white pebble beach, pristine navy life and panoramic sunrise and sunset views, without the typical high cost of traditional beaches. In both islands, if you carry your own water sources and protect their beaches peacefully, you can go camping, sailing, swimming and snorkeling there.


San Pablo Island

Locally known as Pong gamay (small island), it is the smaller of the twin islands, with an approximate of less than a kilometer long and half a kilometer at its widest point. It houses a barangay with only less than 100 houses, but its small size makes the crystal waters and relaxing island more exclusive and endearing. Aside from the beach, there is a 12-meter deep lagoon in the area called the Lelang lagoon, and at the southern end of the island is a resort called Tocmo, where you can rent the whole area for only PHP1500 a night. 

Another must see destination sandwiched between the twin islands is the Calag-itan Fish Sanctuary, a great place for snorkeling and swimming with the fishes and other marine life thriving in Leyte Gulf.