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Information about Himokilan Island

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Himokilan Island

Himokilan Island in Leyte

Himokilan Island, with its land area of around 48 hectares, is the largest among the four islets of Cuatro Islas and is part of the island hopping tour in Leyte. This island is quite far from the other three landmasses as it belongs to the municipality of Hindang, while the rest can be found on the neighboring town, Inopacan.

This island is known for its unique shape when seen from above, looking like a giant boot floating in the azure water. It is also famous for the various adventures it offers to locals and tourists alike.


What to See

Just like its neighbor, Apid Island, a small village also exists on Himokilan. The front of the island is blanketed with a pristine white beach and a sandbar, while the rest of the island is carpeted with lush green forest.

Meanwhile, the cerulean waters that surround this beach destination are flourishing with beautiful coral reefs. On the other side of the island, a cove of white sand, enclosed by karst formations, can be found. The corals are more concentrated in this part of Himokilan as it is the island’s marine sanctuary.


What to Do

With its hilly terrain, Himokilan offers mountain trekking to those looking for a more challenging yet fun experience. At the top of the trail, tourists can enjoy a panoramic view of the ocean and the neighboring islands at a distant.

There are also cave exploration tours available for the adrenaline-junkie type of traveler. One will be meeting lots of bats inside and will be amazed at the unique rock formations in the cave, along with the various stalactites and stalagmites. Other fun activities to try while in Himokilan Island are swimming, snorkeling, “Takobo” nursery viewing, vertical wall and reef diving, biodiversity education, and stargazing by the beach.