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Information about Sanson y Montinola Mansion

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287 East Lopez Extension, Jaro, Iloilo City
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Sanson y Montinola Mansion


Sanson y Montinola Mansion, has stood for more than a century, it is also known as the “Antillian House” a title given to it for its design is based from the houses found in Antilles in the Caribbean. This title has been considered to be a misnomer for the architecture is actually a play between the Filipino “Bahay na Bato” and motifs from Spanish, Chinese, and Muslim interiors. Never the less, it is an attractive remnant of Jaro’s lush past.

It is an attractive piece of architecture, one of the more elaborate ancestral houses in Iloilo, Located in “Millionaire's Row” in Jaro just beside Colegio de San Jose. Back in the day, the house was the tallest building and its surrounding was mostly grasslands, the land owned by the family that surrounded the mansion used to be much larger.

In the ground level of the mansion is the grand staircase, the stairs had elaborately carved hardwood balusters. Once you reach the upper landing, Hardwood floor stretch all the way and around up to the living room and through the bedrooms. Alternatively, the dining room offers quite a contrast to the traditional wooden interiors with its colorful sliding windows and notably you can see the influence of art deco in the pattern and colors of the cement tiles. In the corner of the dining room, you will find a cast iron spiral staircase that leads to the third floor, and the tiled rooftop balcony that has a 360-degree view of the land it once commanded. Although the mansion is slowly succumbing to the effects of nature, it is hard not to see the grandiosity it preserved from its distant past. The small details in the interior’s ornamentation, and its commanding stance when viewed from the street is a testament to the prosperous life of the rich families in Iloilo.