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Sarangani Bay 

Sarangani, as a province, is more widely known because it is the hometown of the Filipino boxing icon Manny Pacquiao and is the Tuna Capital of the Philippines. But little do people know that Sarangani province is named after its bay – Sarangani Bay. This body of water has an important role in the country as it is one of the busiest business ports which boasts a beautiful and protected seascape.


Scuba Diving

Sarangani Bay is one of the underrated dive spots in the country. It was only in 2017 when Department of Tourism launched the bay as one of the newest diving destinations in the Philippines. This aims to communicate to the more people how beautiful Mindanao is. There are four main dive spots in Sarangani Bay. Lemlunay House Reef is perfect for night diving where some creatures only show up at night. Tuka Marine Park has a shallow part good for snorkelers and has a rich marine life (parrotfishes, sea turtles, batfishes, etc.) on the deeper end. Maasim Reef is for advanced divers as one will endure strong currents and use a descent life to be able to reach the bottom. The reef has a beautiful coral garden and is surrounded by white-tipped sharks. Lastly, the Rocky Beach is probably to easiest diving spot according to divers. Rocky Beach is home to the lots of colorful fishes and colorful seafans. 


Sarangani Bay Festival

Held during the month of May, Sarangani Bay Festival is a popular beach event in Southern Mindanao. The festival includes a series of mini events that are perfect for any type of traveler. Adventure seekers may engage in skimboarding or in a local sport called lumba bugsay (vessel race). Beach-goers may enjoy a game of beach soccer and beach volleyball or join the sand sculpture contest. At night, a bikini open will be held and local artists will be conduct a concert to conclude the festival.